Nightmare Night Music Compilation!


I knew people liked making special songs for Nightmare Night, but I wasn’t quite prepared to be flooded with new music this morning. We’d never get through them all if we posted them individually, so read on for 10 fantastic Nightmare Night songs! Yes, 10!

First up is this collab between Jyc Row and FritzyBeat which combines orchestral and electronic elements, something Jyc seems to have been doing quite a lot recently. The lyrics revolve around the Tantabus from the episode Do Princesses Dream Of Magical Sheep?

Although it has Vylet’s name as the flagship artist of this track, a lot of people were involved with this piece that delves further than usual for Vy into experimental sound design. With guitars from Redd, and co-production from Internet Empire, Silva Hound, Sylver, Kyunn and Araxnus, the mish-mash of influences shows in the way it dances around sounds and genres.

While perhaps not my favourite track from PON3, Route 666 certainly showcases his creativity and ability to create music outside of the standard genre boundaries and sonic expectations.

Something a bit different to their respective norm from Totalspark. Remaking the first ever track he produced, he’s turned it into his first attempt at bass house, with a good deal of electro influence sitting in there too.

Spooky sounds are nothing new for FillyInTheBox. Tracks such as Smog Blind and Don’t Go Alone both have dark, atmospheric vibes, and this one sees a return of that somewhat signature style. Expect creative bass sound design too!

A little bit of electro from Flittzy now! While perhaps not as spooky per se as the other songs features here, the chiptune influence fits the theme of Button Mash and who knows, perhaps he does dream in chiptune…

Never underestimate how much awesome Nightmare Moon material we can get at Halloween. Here we have a deathcore track from MetalPony (who seems to be consistently making great songs recently), complete with screams and harmonic layering in the chorus.

Have cider, will party. The opening track from a special Magnus Records Halloween EP release, Einarx takes breakbeat down to 110bpm. I guess some people might call that “breaks?” Whatever it is, it’s pretty damn awesome.

Good old creepypastas, where would we be without them? Sights takes a very different turn from his usual style here with some fantastic sound design in this Pinkamena-themed midtempo track.

And to finish up, a very dark and atmospheric ambient/drone track from Celestial Throne. It even includes a pad sound that samples Giggle at the Ghosties. I think this wins the award for spookiest track in this collection, check it out if you dare…

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