Ponytronic – Adios, For Now (#RoomVR Remix) | Chillout

Gifted musician #RoomVR takes us to new musical heights with this Chillout remix of Ponytronic’s track, serving us with 8 minutes of progressive greatness. Among the snow, the almost tangible warmth of this track is melting the heart with mellow melodies and quaint strings.


Hay Tea – Solitude | Hip Hop / Drum & Bass

An amazing and heartfelt tribute to the events of the S6 finale and to Chrysalis, this new release from Hay Tea unleashes all the musical talent of the DnB master into a deep, sad yet beautiful piece that displays the power of feelings toward our beloved characters, and of Passion. Piano, strings, original progression, on-point beat and an unexplainable magical power all give to this piece the distinct feel and emotion it conveys.


Crystal Slave – Omniphobia Mk. II (feat. Budzy) | Electronic

NB: The original video was deleted, the above is an archive re-upload.

Crystal Slave gives a new spin to his Omniphobia track for this year’s Nightmare Night, gathering the help of Budzy for extra Dubstep greatness. Eerie and dark as you could wish, this song is also of much beauty, featuring the amazing and renowned vocals from Crystal Slave, now with an extra dark twist. For more songs of this kind, I highly recommend checking out Crystal’s older songs on his channel!


4EverfreeBrony, TrojanPony & Metajoker – Carry On | Acoustic Pop

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 22 October 2016.

4EverfreeBrony has brought on the feels in collaboration with lyricism from TrojanPony, and some beautiful piano work from Metajoker with this new wonderful piece of music. The instrumental is quite minimal, yet doesn’t feel empty at all, especially when that really nice flute sound comes in. The vocals and piano are the heroes of the track though, and both are performed perfectly. If you’re up for a moving track about Twilight losing her treehouse, make sure to check it out!


Filly In The Box – Manehattan Nights | Neurofunk

Filly in the Box’s streak of awesome tunes continues, as a track themed around Manehattan’s nightlife appears. Enthralling and appealing just like a dark back alley in Manehattan leading to an underground live bar would, the track provides a dark yet blissful experience among the sick wubs, the amazing melodies, the intriguing genre, and the mysterious vibe surrounding it, drawing us to a beautiful unknown.


[P@D] Suskii -Take Flight | Melodic Dubstep

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 23 October 2016.

Suskii returns with an original track, that takes a much more melodic tone than some of their earlier features. With a really nice arpeggiated melody and powerful chords building up to a heavy melodic drop interspersed with some heavy dubstep sounds, this track is pretty great. I especially like the strong vocal-sounding growl. Definitely worth a listen if you want some awesome melodic dubstep!