4everfreebrony – Smell The Roses | Acoustic Pop

A new song from the talented and genuine 4everfreebrony is always a big moment, and this new song is special in the way it conveys a very important positive message about life. Behind the soft guitar, gentle drums, moving piano and beautiful vocals, lies a powerful meaning about a simple truth that can hopefully remind to many how to find solace in a dark moment : just go to the nearest garden, smell a rose, and be happy in that present moment of appreciation. Incidentally, I listened to this song right after I was trying to cheer up a friend who was in depression, failing to see anything positive in this world anymore. So the line from the description “a song I wrote about remembering the beauty of our planet during hard and confusing times” was really striking at that moment. I’d wish people to feel content with life even while only having flowers to find happiness from. Living for a flower… for the beauty of Nature… yes, that sounds like quite a sufficient reason to live indeed! We may get blinded at times, but there’s always a new chance to get up and look at all the wonderful things around us in this life, and music is certainly one of them. Much love to you all who are reading this, stay safe! And Smell The Roses!


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