Dynamite Grizzly – Trickery (feat. Enny Gima) | Techno

Full of emotion, this great and powerful track by Dynamite Grizzly reflects on Trixie’s moving sacrifice in the season’s finale in the most fitting ways, conveying Trixie’s strength of character and the epicness of the moment with mighty guitars from Enny Gima and incredible rythmic synths, but also the sincerity of Trixie’s feelings and her character depth with utterly beautiful and emotional melodic parts like at 2:44. I’ve got to say Dynamite Grizzly’s musical sensitivity for those is astounding, and I love it a lot. Powerful track and tribute to Trixie and the finale, and you know that when Discord says Trixie is self-absorbed, the reason why Trixie is so hurt and angry at that, is because despite her habit to boast, she actually have the biggest and most tender feelings toward her friends, Starlight in particular.


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