174UDSI – Past Future EP | Electronic

So, uh…hey. Been a while since I wrote up anything here, and so this writeup is a little later than anticipated, but let’s not dwell on that! Instead let’s take a look at this (almost) brand new EP from 174UDSI! I think this is the first time I’ve seen some sort of album release from him, so this’ll be a new experience for me too. Anyway, let’s jump right in and look at it track by track, shall we?

The album starts off with an ambient piece, appropriately entitled The Beginning. Epic chords and pads adorn this, making me think it sounds like a movie score of some kind. Scattered with voice clips of various MLP characters, it sets a sort of general premise for the theme of the EP.

Next up is the first (and only so far) single release from the EP – Once Upone A Time. No, that’s not a typo. Celestia voice clips gives me a kick in the nostalgia right back to the MLP pilot. Eventually though, the melody picks back up and the second half of the song goes into hardstyle, a genre that 174UDSI likes to try every now and again. Although I’m not a huge fan of hardstyle, he’s able to put a spin on it that I rather enjoy, with a rather trancey vibe.

Track #3, Make A Wish, is essentially a remix of the show song that shares its title. And in an slightly odd turn of events, it goes into some sort of hardstyle/hardcore hybrid (help idk these subgenres). Quite a deviation from UDSI’s usual style, but it’s always nice to see artists experiment a little bit.

Don’t Stop is…likely not a pony song to be honest. But it’s more hardstyle for those of you who like that.

Finally we have a remix of 174UDSI’s own song Hooves Up In The Air (ft. Truss). Even more hardstyle, and by this point, I’m guessing that was supposed to be the main genre of this EP (>.<). But yet again, his usual trancey house style certainly has an influence in here, with a good balance of melodic elements to match the hardstyle kicks.

So overall, fans of hardstyle will probably appreciate this EP the most (you don’t say…). But if you know 174UDSI’s normal style, there might be something that you find yourself enjoying in this EP too. Be sure to give it a listen!

Past Future is available to purchase on Bandcamp for 4.50 EUR, and you can subscribe to 174UDSI on YouTube here.


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