Hearth’s Warming Music Compilation #2 (Yes, Another One!)


So…there was still quite a lot a Heath’s Warming-themed music left after our compilation post from a week ago, so to save a bit of time (I’ll level with you, we’re quite far behind everything at the moment), have a few of them compiled into a single post! Catch the whole thing after the break…

Submitted to’s Hearth’s Warming Music Competition (the results for which can be found over here) was this hardstyle track from Royalpony. It has bells in it, therefore festive (?) Whatever the ties, it’s pretty good and appeals to me despite my slight aversion for hardstyle.

Another submission to said competition, Inkling Bear decided to have a go at remixing Hearth’s Warming Eve Is Here Once Again, probably on of the few songs from A Hearth’s Warming Tail that hadn’t been remixed yet. It’s classic Inky-style hardcore, so check that out if you’re into that kind of music.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard LULZ sing before, and after listening to this I say he should do it more often! And of course somebody had to ponify a Christmas song, so have a short but sweet parody of Winter Wonderland!

Getting into some more chill stuff now with Totalspark’s Tundra. Another track from HMC Vol. 2, it follows the album’s core theme of winter and chill. Mellow, atmospheric synthpop in a minor key – feels like a cold yet calm night in the city.

And onto the orchestral pieces. First up is this one from Haycart, who seems to be a newcomer to the fandom music scene – this being only their third ever published video. Definitely a promising artist though, it’s always nice to see new orchestral musicians emerge among a sea of (admittedly) mostly electronic artists.

And speaking of promising orchestral musicians, the somewhat elusive Aelipse also made a Hearth’s Warming themed piece entitled Under The Winter Skies. Simply a solo piano can work wonders when played right, as proven here. A fantastic piece to simply sit back and relax to.

ADDENDUM: We got sent this in because we completely missed it (I blame an overload of music). iRhymeTheSongs presents not one, not two, but five pony parodies of classic Christmas songs! Not with Hearth’s Warming themes, but still based on the show, so consider this a bonus of sorts to go with the rest of these.

Happy belated Hearth’s Warming everyone…again…


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