[P@D] bank pain – Empire Past (Hay Tea Remix) / Del Rom – Ignition (Hydra Remix) | Drum & Bass

Double post of remixes combining neurofunk and liquid woooo! There have been so many Empire Past remixes recently…and with good reason, the original is a tuuuuuune. This one from Hay Tea goes a lot more into neurofunk territory that his signature liquid style, sampling the original’s basses and slicing up drum beats on top of it. The addition of a half-time section later on with those reeses works a treat in my opinion

NB: This was originally posted by Trixent on Equicity on 22 January 2017.

Hydra is a man of many styles, and his skills are undoubtedly excellent. Able to bounce between soft, happy sounds and deep, murky ones or anything inbetween. With a remix of Ignition by Del Rom [P@D: Voyager], Hydra gives the Drum and Bass-treatment for what is already a great song. With neurofunky first half, Hydra builds the song up for an euphoric climax with the excellent chord-work of the original, even subtly adding a little chime to it. It does everything a great remix should. While one could argue the first drop to feel kind of stocky, it adds an effect on the second half giving it more power, and simply adding to the sweetness.

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