[P@D] Elias Frost & Jyc Row – Windigos | Orchestral Metal

One of my personal top favorites from Amity, Windigos is a stunning blend of Metal and Orchestral, and incidentally or not, it is by masters of the genres Elias Frost and Jyc Row respectively. For this one, Elias composed an almighty instrumental using many instruments like the mandolin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and even flute, going all-out and delivering many emotional wonders over an incredible progression. The flute is especially one of my weaknesses here, and it really does amazing things throughout the soft yet powerful instrumental. Another of the elements I love the most about this masterpiece has got to be the vocals. Jyc Row‘s outstanding Metal vocals are proving once again to be insanely epic, and fill the song with a power full of the spirit of rock music and charisma. The backing vocals from Elias are also adding so much emotion to the song. In the last vocal part of the track in particular, the extended backing vocals blending with Jyc’s lead vocals in perfect unisson, has got to be the most emotional and intense part of the song for me, providing vocal melodic bliss and extra Folk vibes, for a masterful finale of divine power. I’m getting teary-eyed again while writing this, you guys are awesome, keep it up, I love you :’)


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