[P@D] PhonicB∞m, Rhyme Flow & Technickel Pony – The Christmas Heist 2 (feat. Wootmaster) | Hip-Hop

The best robbery gang in Equestria and beyond! The place where the cool homies are at! Yes, I’m talking about the mighty squad that proved to lit December back in 2015 (and to efficiently dispose rich ponies from their wealth), composed of PhonicB∞m, Rhyme Flow and Technickel Pony. They’re back for another massive hold-up and with reinforcements this time, using the power of Amity to bring #1 Most Wanted collaborator Wootmaster in on the deal. Laying out the plan in the coolest musical ways, a sneaky and slick instrumental gives way to lovely rapping from both vocalists, and enjoyable pony lyrics with IRL references are running through the operation with style as a dependable beat is backing them up. A rad instrumental part comes in to give even more awesomeness to the song, and the last chorus ends the heist with panache. A mighty success and a masterpiece of a track, to come back to again and again! Mad props to all of the gang, and let’s not forget to also give shoutouts to Buffalo Brony and Blitz, two accomplices who provided an awesome video to go along the song!


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