The Shake Ups In Ponyville – All Aboard the Friend-ship! | Power Pop

Time for another YouTube release of a song from The Shake Ups’ latest album Rock Candy! (Which I would like to remind you is available as a physical CD on their cdbaby page, and in import, too! And it’s pretty slick, I grabbed it myself.) A Twilight-themed track and a favorite of the band, All Aboard the Friend-ship! conveys so well the unique traits of the signature pony Power Pop genre that the band is known for. The sweet and very MLP-ish lead vocals from “Twi-Fi Sparklecaster” Patrick O’Connor are melting the heart, while the friendly and just as Equestria-worthy instrumental contributes even further to make this track such a sugary condensed of pony-powered happiness in musical format. It just makes you smile so wide as the song unfolds. See this page for more details about the band, and let your cheering be heard everypony!


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