Filly in the Box – Struck | Chill Dubstep

Time for a new delightful release from Filly in the Box, that has that tasty unique signature sound and that doesn’t fail to impress and amaze once again! This post is a bit special, as I introduce you TWO reviews of the track, by guest writers Bank Pain and NeverLastStanding! Thanks for lending us a hoof! Check out their reviews below.

Start of Bank Pain’s review
Filly in the Box returns to bring a new slice of his signature sound, this time in the form of a relaxed, reverb-loaded half-time tune that still manages to surprise with complex, rhythmic basslines. Complete with gorgeous vocal chops and impressive sound design that build a chilling atmosphere right from the first second as well as FitB’s attention to detail, this track is sure to take you on a journey through its soundscape.
End of Bank Pain’s review

Start of NeverLastStanding’s review
Filly In The Box continues the streak of posting really phenomenal and unique songs with “Struck”. This is one that easily gets stuck in my head, as from the start it has really catchy vocal chops, then builds up with some fantastic plucks that build the atmosphere and give that FITB flare. The drop has that stand-out distant and fading feel. The 2nd drop is even better with some top-notch sound design. Overall a track that is worth listening to with its own quirks that make the song a wonderful journey!!
End of NeverLastStanding’s review


3 thoughts on “Filly in the Box – Struck | Chill Dubstep

  1. Pro Brony says:

    This video and the channel deserves more views, this is some quality stuff.

    Nice review guys.. I’m sure Filly in the Box would love to read it.

    The atmosphere of the song is amazing and yea, the drop’s got me haha.

    Liked by 2 people

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