GhostXb – Big Sister Lullaby (feat. Angel Love) | Orchestral

Some songs just seem to magically trigger otherworldly emotions out of you, and this is one of those that just does for me. It’s something you can’t really explain, but it is definitely a token of our potential to feel the full power of music, which is so powerful that it may actually be considered “magic”. Definitely a very potent one among those “wizards”, GhostXb wrote a lullaby chanted among those sisterly relationships from the show that we love, and it is starring Angel Love‘s oustanding vocals, that are just as literally divine as the instrumental backing them up. Truly, words have never been so powerless to describe the incredible experience that this track can provide, and I know I just wouldn’t be able to do it justice. It’s just something else. I’ll just say that the moment at 1:21 is the most powerful one for me and that it makes me feel things that are out of this world. Thank you, GhostXb and Angel Love, for these emotions and for the stunning work that you did!!


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