A Symphony Of Two – Nature’s Wonders | Orchestral

Those who know me know that I’m a huge lover of Nature, and music, and OST, so tracks like these are just my weakness. It starts in a musical “sunny forest” theme of incredible beauty that is just so soothing, just like ambling inside a forest would. It uses winds and mandolin that are perfect for the job, and it is also subtly reminiscing of works from composers such as Motoi Sakuraba, like the fittingly-named Relaxing Place. The track then progresses into a deeper, darker part with strings, reflecting adventuring further down the tree-shadowed paths in the forest. The calm winds melodies certainly convey very well that sense of wonder and feeling at peace with the world around you, while the strings are keeping that adventurous, exploration spirit up. The next part is giving a very regal and gorgeous mood, fitting for a forest’s untold beauty and the due respect we are bound to give it. The piece ends in a finale softly completing the musical experience of the blissful “walk”. The whole track is paying much tribute to Nature in a delightful musical way, and I can’t thank the musicians enough for their awesome work creating such amazing music that hits me spot on. Don’t forget to show your support to A Symphony Of Two if you enjoy their works too!


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