Jastrian – Celestial Endeavours | Synthpop

Words truly cannot express what this track (and many of Jastrian’s works) made me feel, but I’ll still try and give the song justice even though I know it’s impossible. I think there’s something special about the way Jastrian compose his tracks, that makes them especially emotional. For example, that deep and powerful bass synth in the background of the lead melodies… it just works so perfectly, like that synth was alive, like it is the embodiment of powerful emotions in itself. There’s also a certain sensitivity when composing and arranging vocal chops, that can certainly be felt here, and that makes them have a powerful effect on the soul that I truly can’t describe with words – it has to be felt. Then there’s those amazing melodies, I would maybe call them “starry”, closest adjective I can find right now, but I think they’re something else. To me, at least. Something that can’t be felt elsewhere, a unique mood and trait. Not to mention so many of those distinct sounds and synths that Jastrian is using and that give the track such a unique sound and feeling. All in all, from all those things I tried to explain and much more there still is to the track, Celestial Endeavours happened to be an incredibly powerful emotional experience to me, something so powerful that I consider it “something else” or “divine”. And I can only hope that the “magic” could resonate with more of you. If not, I guess I’ll remain alone… But in any case, I hope you’ll like the track. It is for me an honor to be able to share it here on Horse Music Herald and to you all, and a blessing to be able to feel those otherworldly emotions. Thank you for reading, and thank you Jastrian for making that magic happen.


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