Mane In Green – For Equestria We Rise | Orchestral Metal

Here comes one of my favorite releases!! For the third and final act of the story initiated with The Eternal Reign of King Sombra, Mane In Green composed a 18-minutes track!! For me who uses to listen to some 20-minutes Prog Rock tracks, this is a real delight (and it does have hints of Prog Rock, progression-wise but also musically at times). And For Equestria We Rise is not just long and progressive, it has its own storyline, too! And the music fits so well with it! You can get the details in the description, with timestamps for the different parts, and there’s additional lines appearing in the video, along very fitting artworks. Mane In Green truly went all-out for this final chapter, and the result is nothing short of breathtaking, combining the musician’s talents at both Orchestral and Rock music, with even powerful organs and choruses in some parts bringing even more epicness. A progressive masterpiece and fusion of genres, empowered by an inspired story and a wonderful heartfelt message at the end. Truly one of Mane In Green’s finest works, if not simply the artist’s biggest masterpiece. You definitely want to sub to Mane In Green for more amazing content, and also don’t forget to show your support to the artist for his work and feelings!


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