NeverLastStanding – Your Friend | Happy Hardcore / House

We can always count on NeverLastStanding to spread further the wonderful messages of the show and the amazing values of this community, and that’s why I recommend to always check his descriptions! But it’s not just through words. In the heartfelt music that NeverLastStanding is composing, the messages are stronger than words, and the emotions are conveyed through music. This original track is no exception, with Happy Hardcore melodies that seem to shout positive meanings wide and loud, pony vocal chops evoking our feelings for the ponies, and a strong but sweet beat that also just seems to call for emotions. As we get reminded of many “important things”, and as powerful emotions arise from the beauty of both the music and the meanings behind it, we share in joy, united by ponies, what makes us unique as a community. I love you all! And you heard the pony! We need your help!


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