A Symphony Of Two – Introspections | Orchestral

A Symphony Of Two’s new piece resolves around Starlight’s reflection on who she might really be and who she is meant to be, tortured by her sinful past and at the same time encouraged by her friends to be the great and valiant leader and world-guardian she proved to be in the S6 finale. As Trixie told her, she is “really good at it”! Fitting really nicely as an epic and emotional BGM that would play during a cutscene in a RPG where Starlight’s character depth would be emphasized on, the track shows an amazing progression clearly reflecting that depth, and portrays once again the duo’s talent at composing masterful OST-like pieces of much profoundness. The piano is especially doing an amazing job at creating emotion, reminiscing of the musical style of OST composers such as Yoko Shimomura.


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