Daniel Ingram – The Pony I Want to Be (Brilliant Venture’s 25th Bash Mix) (Bootleg) | Dubstep

Banger incoming!! This amazing remix of The Pony I Want To Be from Brilliant Venture has an interesting backstory and has resulted in a hard-hitting, badapple, utterly sick track reflecting well the sassy “dark” side we could see in Diamond Tiara, with a stunning flow and very cool melodies complemented by an awesome sound design, and overall the Dubstep remix works so well for the concept it went for. And the cover art by Art-2u is just the icing on the cake!! Masterful and addictive remix from Brilliant Venture on the day of his birthday, who would have thought that WE would be the ones getting such an amazing gift? I can’t get enough of it. Also this is my 500th post on Horse Music Herald, and I must say I’m honored to have been able to help this far! If there are people actually reading my writeups, I want to say a big Thank You! Let’s keep supporting pony music, for it is a shining token of the power of Passion!


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