ShalMusicFX – Starlight’s Demons (Glitch Mob Parody) | Electronic

One of my favorite releases of the month for sure, this new track and ponification by ShalMusicFX is the kind of deep tribute to our beloved characters that I love to see the most. Covering The Glitch Mob’s Our Demons, ShalMusicFX brings a brand new instrumental of many wonders and of much emotion, along gorgeous and epic vocals, to pay tribute to Starlight’s character depth in a wonderful way. Thoughtful pony lyrics are delightfully conveying much relatable feelings, as we marvel at the sheer beauty and intensity of the vocals and the instrumental that even features an awesome guitar solo. As for the part starting at 3:40, it is just giving me shivers everytime I listen to it. That dark, deep twist in the instrumental instilling an emotional mood, and those chopped vocals with that effect on them… Along the mention of Starlight and what are probably Twilight’s words, the Passion I feel for the show and the characters is surfacing, and combined with the music, it creates very powerful emotions. That, is to me the greatest magic in life. Thank you, life! And thank you MLP staff, and ShalMusicFX!


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