GhostXb – Night Breeze | Hip-Hop / Chillout

We can always count on GhostXb to bring to life the most creative visions and the most blissful musical moods, and this new release is certainly another wonderful token of that talent, resulting in a very chill Hip-Hop instrumental feeling as gentle as a Night Breeze. The decrescendos near the end could remind you of the Prelude from Final Fantasy, too!
Also, find below a guest review from fellow pony music fan DMC 4EVER UCCI!
Start of DMC 4EVER UCCI’s review
And here we are with another GhostXb track! This time, he delights us with some super chill and very soothing mix of a lovely, lovely piano improv on top of a lo-fi hip hop beat swiftly matched by dancing strings all around. A really interesting and unusual way to mix genres if you ask me, and I’ll never grow tired to see these kind of experimentations come up. It’s a breath of fresh (nightly) air.
End of DMC 4EVER UCCI’s review


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