Mane In Green – The Journey | Epic Soundtrack

Brace yourselves for this everypony!! Mane In Green truly outdid himself with this one long progressive track infused with a story and delivering a variety of genres to create an epic musical Journey. It has many different instrumental parts reflecting perfectly each part of the story, with fitting instruments and rythm, and telling the story that’s written in the description so well. Over its breathtaking progression, the track will blow you away with epic melodies, guitar riffs, and fusions of genres all around, with Orchestral, Metal, Folk, and even Electronic all finding a share. Overall, The Journey is a masterpiece of story-driven, OST-like music, as well as a token of Mane In Green’s wonderful talent and vision, that will, I’m sure, continue to delight us in the future. I’m getting teary-eyed while relistening to the track and writing this, and I can’t thank Mane In Green enough for his magnificent work and how accurately it blissfully feels like Soundtrack. Long live OST, music, and Passion!


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