H8_Seed – Neverending Strife (BassPon3 Remix) | Hardcore

Remixes of all-time community classics will always be welcome, and it’s even better when they mean something personal! BassPon3 is now using what they learned as a musician to pay tribute to a meaningful track to them, Neverending Strife from H8_Seed! Many of us and me included have our own special pony tracks that we affectionate because we found them early when we became bronies, so enjoy this heartfelt remix full of awesome Hardcore beats and breaks paying much tribute to the original vocals!

Also find below an additional review from one of our new guest writers, JustAnotherPonyGuy!

Start of JustAnotherPonyGuy’s review
This remix by underground expert BassPon3 breathes new life into a fandom classic. The catchy, simple synth leads into a brilliant repurposing of Discord’s vocals. Throughout the song, fast, almost chiptune-like effects keep us interested. Of special note are the haunting melodies that evoke vistas of chocolate rain and cotton candy clouds. Some top-quality hardcore for you to enjoy!
End of JustAnotherPonyGuy’s review


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