RoomVR – Fading Night | Drumfunk

NB: This was originally posted on Drumscape Library on 12 June 2017.

It’s an absolute joy to see RoomVR back on Drumscape Library! While his first feature had been a remix, he has now returned, half a year later, to delight the fandom with a fully original drumfunk track.

And truly, this time has not passed in vain. Taking months to hone his craft further while retaining his style, VR offers an atmospheric experience that pulls you into the magical world of Equestria’s nighttime just before the dawn. A sweet rolling waterfall of amen breaks guides you through an orchestral landscape, and well placed foley deepens the immersion. Fading Night invites you to close your eyes and feel the breath of the night, cool and fragrant and serene.

Make sure to grab your slice of Equestrian magic by downloading the track for free!

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