[P@D] Francis Vace & PegasYs – On Your Own | Alternative Rock

While seeing PegasYs’ name on a rock production might come as a surprise to some, Francis Vace is quite the guarantor for quality. And indeed, On Your Own is excellent proof that some unexpected team-ups will sometimes yield results that are very well worth some attention. Pega’s brilliant vocal work, coupled with Vace’s vast experience in composition & recording within their genre of choice, makes this track a both contemplative and energetic afternoon jam, with a guitar duet to top it off—an absolute must-hear for every fan of Starlight.

Get On Your Own as well as the rest of P@D: Guardians on bandcamp now!


[LDB] Totalspark – Dancing in the Moonlight VIP | Future Bass

The responsibility of a community compilation album’s closing track is not one that should be underestimated. While it plays little part in keeping the listener hooked, it determines the finish, the aftertaste which lingers for hours after one has concluded one’s first playthrough, and is quite instrumental to the first impression.

On the newest LDB release Beats Me 3, Totalspark takes care of all this flawlessly with his new take on Dancing in the Moonlight.

While the original is well over a year old and relied on excellent use of negative space and beautiful piano composition to carry it, the 2017 VIP is quite different in execution, if not in concept. Totalsparks once again proves that he can uphold the quality benchmark set by his latest releases, utilising beautiful arps, crisp percussion and lush chords to create an immersive and satisfying experience. A brand new lead synth guides you through both energetic drops, and the track culminates in a gorgeous piano outro.

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[LDB] Tripon – Queen of the Cavern | Dub

For his first release after the name tweak—specifically, the introduction of a pony specific alias—Tripon embraces his previously underexposed halftime side.

Queen of the Cavern is a brilliantly produced specimen of an underground genre that has not been traditionally represented within the fandom, and is as such an even more welcome release. Tripon sources inspiration from the still-fresh Season 7 episode Rock Solid Friendship, which is prominently sampled within the tune, to construct a scenario in which Maud instrumentalises her in-depth knowledge of Equestrian geology to its full extent. The result is a marvellous subwoofer workout that is as minimal & hard as Maud’s emotional pallet, which also further diversifies the arsenal of genres 2017 pony music can offer its listeners.

Get the full Beats Me 3 album, on which this track has been released, on Bandcamp now!


RoomVR – Fading Night | Drumfunk

NB: This was originally posted on Drumscape Library on 12 June 2017.

It’s an absolute joy to see RoomVR back on Drumscape Library! While his first feature had been a remix, he has now returned, half a year later, to delight the fandom with a fully original drumfunk track.

And truly, this time has not passed in vain. Taking months to hone his craft further while retaining his style, VR offers an atmospheric experience that pulls you into the magical world of Equestria’s nighttime just before the dawn. A sweet rolling waterfall of amen breaks guides you through an orchestral landscape, and well placed foley deepens the immersion. Fading Night invites you to close your eyes and feel the breath of the night, cool and fragrant and serene.

Make sure to grab your slice of Equestrian magic by downloading the track for free!


Hay Tea – Musicbox | Instrumental Hip Hop

A man unafraid to dabble in the dark and uncanny, Hay Tea brings us a new creepy hip hop beat.

Complete with shuffling lofi drums and a tasteful vinyl crackle, this track embodies the eeriness that even menial noises might have after dark. All the while a music box lulls you into a state of auditory paralysis, which is capitalised upon by its subtle brokenness, the clever resonances and imperfections in the sound creating an atmosphere both unnerving and captivating.

This track is available for free download via mediafire; ake sure not to miss out!


[P@D] Replacer – Handbag (Progressive Element Remix) | Drum & Bass

The upload series on the brand new Ponies At Dawn Youtube channel, with which the team sought to finally bring the last remaining tracks from the Amity album to the pony fandom’s favourite music platform, has now been concluded—and the beast that is Progressive Element’s remix of Handbag has been released.

With infusions from all across the DnB subgenre pallet, this track features everything from glitchy half-time percussion and fat reeses to fleeting piano melodies and tonal snares. Prog enhances the eerie atmosphere of the original with well-chosen reverbs and vocal effects and tops it off with ghostly pitch-bending leads.

As with all other tracks released through Ponies At Dawn, this remix is available for free download on their Bandcamp page.


SDreamExplorerS – The First Alicorn | Melodic Death Metal

SDreamExplorerS, also known as SoulStrings, continues his magnificent streak with the second track of his new album, Erasing the Enigma: “The First Alicorn” is a dramatic MeloDeath choon that explores deep historical headcanons and will certainly pump you up. Massively energetic riffs and vocals, backed by SDES’ ever improving production, will provide the one of the finest metal experiences in the fandom thus far. This track is currently available for pre-order on Soul’s bandcamp page!


NIGHTCORE – Discord [1 hour] | nitekør

Okay so, fellow horse men, we’re all sick and tired of people saying that the pony music scene is nothing Winter Wrap-Up remixes and Discord, right? Yes, yes, I’m sure.

This is why I proudly present to you a rebuttal for all such claims you may come across in the future. Since we all know that how good a song is is directly proportionate to how fast it is, this is LITERALLY SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL.

If you’re not convinced already, here’s some samples of what the world’s most renowned and knowledgeable critics think of this masterpiece:

when I read discord I thought diacored from my little pony lol 😂😂 anyone with me???
I like the backround picture .3. is that weird? Im like creepy stuff like dat :3

Daniel Ingram – Friends Are Always There For You (syzygy. Remix) | Melodic Dubstep

syzygy. continues his streak of brilliant remixes with his take on one of the more recent show songs—this time opting for a lush, supersaw-laden style. Between squishy leads and gated chords, this remix provides an all-new instrumental frame while keeping the vocal arrangement intact, thus departing from the traditional two-drop-structure we’ve all come to expect. Instead, all the transitions play off of the vocals wonderfully, and you’re rewarded with a sweet orchestral outro if you keep listening until the end. Complete with interesting bits and pieces of sound design throughout the entire track and a fair attention to detail, syzygy’s remix definitely gives the more popular remixes of Friends Are Always There For You a run for their money.

The song is available as a free download from mediafire, so make sure to add it to your collection!


[P@D] ThatMusicBrony – Among the Stars (Sky Runner Remix) | Drum & Bass

NB: This was originally posted on Equicity on 26 January 2017.

With her first releases dating back to November 2016, Sky Runner is a fairly new face to pony music. Nevertheless, her tracks made a significant impact in the drum & bass scene.

This remix retains many elements of the original song, including ThatMusicBrony’s signature vocals. However, the tempo change brings with it a shift in atmosphere, and the many melodies shine anew in a bright euphoric light, coupled with fast paced breakbeats. The result is an upbeat tune that wouldn’t seem out of place at any drum & bass party.