MC-Arch – Ave Cadenza (Power Of Love) | Hip-Hop

A new powerful and meaningful song from genuine rapper MC-Arch, this one truly lives up to its theme, with a beautiful and heartfelt message about love and its emotions expressed through amazing and mellow vocals. The correlation with the Princess of Love, Cadance, was definitely well thought and well put, and the love expressed through the tender vocals is certainly a wonderful homage to her. The whole song is just making me melt, with the vocal melodies and repetitions being very heartwarming and impactful, just like the lyrics. And personally I couldn’t agree more with the message of this song, since as someone who genuinely feels so much love for many people and the whole brony community, I certainly know very well the Power Of Love, the powerful feelings of love in my heart, the happiness it grants me, the powerful emotions I feel that often make me tear up when I think about you all or daydream about meeting you… It truly is wonderful. Let us open the gate


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