[P@D] L.M. – New Start / GROskAr – Last Stand | Dubstep

One of the most amazing songs that Ice Bear’s heard from the latest Ponies at Dawn album, L.M. has a whole lot of surprises for you in this song. Exquisite vocal chops, rockin’ growls, amazing chord work, and even the sound design is impressive! L.M. is most definitely one that will woo the listeners with something that is this awesome. Really, who can compete with something like this? ❤

Another great dubstep track from the recent Ponies at Dawn album, GROskAr has drummed up some great growls throughout the entire track! Also with added dramatic sounding orchestral parts to make it sound more convincing, especially as an epic theme song for the princesses of Equestria. Ice Bear can actually see it happening. All in all, Last Stand proves to be one of the epic sounding tracks in the album.

These two are amazing, and Ice Bear suggests that you check them out!

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