[P@D] Aurelleah – Aetherwake / Metapony – Sounds | House

This song sets out to convey something quite simple: pure optimism and joy. At this, it’s a huge success. The bouncing, upbeat track is just overflowing with both of those! Aurelleah’s first exploration into true EDM is sure to get your hooves jumping, your manes flying, and your bodies into the air. Truly, this song feels like a vision into Pinkie’s own mind, as she goes to and fro cheering up her friends.

Metapony delivers to us all a calm, happy, and stunningly melodic piece. Leading off with a slightly static-y feel reminiscent of old vinyl tracks, the song progresses The chords and reverb are truly fantastic. Every arp and lead is an exercise in pure joy. If Aurelleah’s song is built to hype you up, Metapony’s is built to let you relax with a warm smile upon your face.

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