[P@D] 4EverfreeBrony – Chant of Benevolence (feat. Chi-Chi) | Choral / Acoustic Pop

4everfreebrony, 4everfreebrony! You came back on strong! Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, one of the best tracks from the latest Ponies At Dawn album: Guardians!

We know how imaginative and productive is 4everfreebrony and how many good music he bring to us during this years, but, there’s a series that will come along with his name. That series is The Chant Series, in that series, 4everfreebrony bring a genre of music that is rare in the brony fandom. Choral Music. Always counting with the female vocals of the great Chi-Chi! Her vocals are soo amazing, that I can’t describe how it sounds because it’s really amazing! First we got Chant of Immortality talking about Twilight, then we receive Chant of Mirth and now we got Chant of Benevolence that is about Fluttershy. The last is pretty amazing! The vocals of Chi-Chi always gave me chills down my spine and 4everfreebrony’s singing and instrumentals are really well performed and with a great mixing quality!

At the end, I think that 4everfreebrony came again to rock on and live forever! Also, hoping that he will make the chants for Dashie, Rara and AJ. Don’t forget to buy or download the full P@D album: GUARDIANS!


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