Wootmaster – Little by Little (TCB Remix) | Future Bass / Hip Hop

TCB comes back with another remix, this time remixing Wootmaster’s opener for his magnum opus, My Little Mixtape. The chill and emotional landscapes appear in my mind as I hear the amazing rework that TCB did of the instant classic from our favorite rapper and community hero. The snare is also soo good, a crunchy vibe from it! Good job TCB!



Hey, it’s the 6th Pinkamena Party! (15 albums were released by PP Crew, but the actual path is 6 albums). Go grab your popcorn, plug your headphones at a higher volume and call your family because this is a show for all family! Yes I said a show, in this case a musical. Not like that Broadway musicals because that’s lame but a really funny and headbanging one! Basically the Pinkamena Party Crew in this album decided to make a musical where Trixie and Rarity get ANGERY at each other, the description of the album on bandcamp bring us an amazing and delightful fanfiction (possibly the script of the musical) for all family! If you take a closer look, the text and the dialogue parts are made off the track names! So, in fact, let’s take a look on the songs, the first half you have amazing hard dance tracks done by amazing musicians such as Dynamite Grizzly, Brohoof Studios, zorg, InklingBear, Schatz and many others! And the second half you have the funnie, noisy, hardcore, scary tracks with artists like Kakofonous A. Dischord, Blind Hyena, mycutiemarkisagun, r_chase and the classy Colt do Bad! The thing is that after a concept album where the artists where challenged to do a 2018 bpm track for celebrate 2018, what is better than doing another concept album where we buck up Rarity? Also we have new names in this 27 tracks album! Like securityfurby (shoutouts to the Spanish speaking readers), Complete Disregard For Pony Life, Ponut Pulse, Batouta & Helius and many others! Everything for Rarity’s (anti)sake! An amazing musical which funds will go to cancer research fundations! Grab the album, stay hard! And I unno I’m just gunna get fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked!!!! The album is also on RateYourMusic database, good say some nice words on it! Also shoutouts to Zovi and Dave! for staying awesome and keep creating new albums ideas!


Daniel Ingram – Helping Twilight Win The Crown (Superplastic Re-Amp) | Hardstyle

The high energy mixed with emotions make this remix amazing! One of the things I love in the Hardstyle genre is how the kick lead us to a dancing world where we see everything as we were child again. If I remind me, Hardstyle will give you an uplifting sensation, in this one not only it gave me that, but also a nostalgic feeling that made me think to re-watch the Equestria Girls franchise again! Good job on this Superplastic, keep doing amazing remixes and original songs!


Nicolas Dominique – Guided by the Moon | Progressive Electronic / Ambient

The deep and nighty sounds and textures of Nicolas Dominique are back with a majestic progressive electronic track, the synth work is raw and industrial but the rest of the sounds make look this synth more sweet than it seems, looks like a psychological anime OST such as When They Cry or Death Note, very dense, very dramatic, but with a calm and sweet twitch. Listening to this made me think in listening to Tim Hecker’s “Love Streams” and Tangerine Dream’s “Quantum Gate” again. A really amazing ethereal and dramatic piece about our favorite Moon Princess.


JoshSaysStuff & FritzyBeat – Not A Second Late (Acoustic) | Acoustic Pop

FritzyBeat comes back with an acoustic cover of Not A Second Late performed by JoshSaysStuff! And what is greater than have the original artist helping in the instrumental?! The guitar melodies together with the ukulele and the magnificent vocals of Fritzy makes this version a sweet and catchier version than the original! Thank you Fritzy for this version and for being awesome! And thank you Josh for creating such an amazing song!


[P@D] Velvet R. Wings & SDreamExplorerS – Freedom Reclaimed | Symphonic Power Metal

Epic metal coming from the latest P@D album, Rebirth! This time the amazing trio Soul Strings, Velvet and Andy Feelin (on the production) made an epic track about how to deal with our hardships and how to not let them make us suffer. Amazing vocals, amazing instrumentation and inspiring lyrical work. This song is definitely one of the best of the album!

Download Rebirth in a bandcamp near you or you can buy it if you are rich as buck.


Reverbrony – Kraken | Post-Metal

The depths of the ocean are scary and eternal, our ancestors before sailing the seas had fear of the mighty beasts that the oceans may hide. I guess that’s what fellow metal artist Reverbrony thought in making this song. 7 minutes of pure ethereal and atmospheric guitar riffs that put you inside the deep ocean, praying for your life. The “sludgyness” of the track plus with the various textures make this song really outstanding from the others that Reverbrony has produced. Is the Kraken real in Equestria? Did fellow sailorponies fear the depths of the sea? That will be a question for another episode. I recommend this track for fans of Post-Metal or any type of Doom/Sludge Metal. But everyone should listen to this! Keep up the good work Reverbrony!


Noizepon – Defpon-1 | Gabber

It’s like a fast change… first the party then hell on earth.

Two creative minds in the experimental/hard music scene in the brony fandom, Phoxi/PVNK and NextLevelDerp joined forces to create an alias called Noizepon, a wild adventure we have when we listen to this track. This track really amazed me, the high distortion and the aggressiveness of the sound and texture makes this track one of the best Gabber songs ever put by a brony, outside Pinkamena Party! This all in 2-track EP that will melt your ears with awesomeness and destruction! Good job both of you!