Narokath – Dead Wings of Grace | Album | Progressive Metal / Orchestral

An interesting concept album, coming from the swedish one-man-band Narokath. An album telling a double story between two worlds: an individual and personal point of view about life and feelings about it, where each listener is invited to do their own understandings of it and a story set in a darker world of Equestria.

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Hay Tea – Finally | French House / Nu-Disco

Hay Tea doing French House? Well, this is new for me! An incredible and amazing surprise! The sampling work was really well done, like every time Hay Tea does, the artist always delivers top tier quality sampling work. And the design of the sound is also amazing, the groove makes me want to go a 80’s rave and jam with everyone there or go to a Daft Punk concert hehe!

Hay Tea, keep doing great music, I’m loving it!


Nyancat380 – 7H3 F473 0F FLU773R5HY | Uptempo Hardcore

OMG! This song bangs hard! Nyancat380 bring us an amazing song, a high bpm song, Sampling Fluttershy’s quotes, the artist uses high distorted kicks and an minimal use of synths, since the distortion of the kicks give the harmony of the song, even though chaotic, a thing I love in this. The sound effects used here are also soo good and the breakdowns between aggressive moments are also pretty good.
Nyancat380, an artist in ascension! I can’t wait to have your tracks in the Pinkamena Party lineup!



Crashie Tunez – Interconnect | Album | Nintendocore / Cybergrind has brought to the fandom a lot of interesting material from the hardcore/experimental scene in the brony fandom. This time the label lead by Kakofonous A. Dischord, released an interesting project done by Crashie Tunez.
Crashie Tunez is an interesting musician in our fandom, because he brings a new and weird genre – Nintendocore. A really interesting genre.
The album is full of bangers, I really handbanged in some tracks, my favorites were The Stray, The Ruthless, The Unforgivable, Demon’s Redemption and Flight Zero. Some really interesting audio textures and the vocals of Crashie were well performed!
Keep doing the good work Crashie! Also, is offering solid versions of the album!


Spikey Wikey – FUN | Experimental / Speedcore

With a weird aesthetic, and an experimental audio design, plus an incredible and hardcore track, Spikey Wikey announces a new album with this track.
FUN is an anthem to the weird, the artistic incorrect and I love it, the way that the samples are manipulated, the synth work, the hardcore kicks, the snare, the snare in this song is amazing. And to add to the mix, this disturbing but yet entretaining artwork from the fandom veteran frist.
I’m already hyped for the upcoming album of Spikey, Party’s Over. Keep sending the good tracks!


[P@D] Osoch – An Eclipsed Land (feat. Pablo Mono & Chris Wöhrer) | Progressive Metal / Metalcore

Imagine Dream Theater mixed with Killswitch Engage. This song gives off the best feels from both of those iconic bands! Coming from the most recent Ponies at Dawn album, Skyward. A big sensation in brony metal scene, Osoch collaborated with Chris Wöhrer and Osoch’s friend from college, Pablo Mono. An Eclipsed Land is inspired by Fallout Equestria:Project Horizons, and is a great headbanging track for metalheads. The progression of the guitar riffs, mixed with Mono’s clean vocals and Wöher’s growls, make this song a treat and one of the best on Skyward! Good job on this one! Keep it up with the headbanging tunes!

Download or buy Skyward on a bandcamp near you.


[P@D] Blackend Blue – Wrath | Melodic Metalcore

2000’s Metalcore style nostalgia feels are coming with this great track produced by Blackend that it’s featured on the most recent album of Ponies At Dawn – Skyward!
The vocals are on perfection, the lyrics that are about Twilight Sparkle dealing with her inner demons. The breakdown of this song is brutal, I headbanged while listening to this. This surely is a treasure hidden on the entire Ponies At Dawn brand.
Download or buy Skyward on P@D bandcamp.


[P@D] Replacer – Never Die |Art Pop / Indietronica

Classic replacer returns with “Never Die”, a song that is featured on the most recent Ponies At Dawn album! The artwork reminding of Cerulean Blue and the music style reminding us of Song for an Earth Pony. Both two brony music classics! “Never Die” is an amazing song, I really loved it listening to it! Good job on this one Replacer!
Download or buy Skyward on P@D bandcamp!


Djohn Mema & Metal Core Pony – Arrhythmia | Metalcore

When I first read the title I was amazed. Metalcore Pony and Djohn in the same track?! Only quality music would come from this duo. The subject of the song is also something really deep, dealing with our disablities. This time is arrhythmia. It could be any other disease or difficulty.
The song itself is amazing, I love how the atmospheric and raw/angry elements mix together, it gives the song a blackned sound. The screams are well done, and the mixing is pretty good. This song is a treat if you like atmospheric and etheral metalcore. A thing that is very present in Converge’s songs.