Noizepon – Defpon-1 | Gabber

It’s like a fast change… first the party then hell on earth.

Two creative minds in the experimental/hard music scene in the brony fandom, Phoxi/PVNK and NextLevelDerp joined forces to create an alias called Noizepon, a wild adventure we have when we listen to this track. This track really amazed me, the high distortion and the aggressiveness of the sound and texture makes this track one of the best Gabber songs ever put by a brony, outside Pinkamena Party! This all in 2-track EP that will melt your ears with awesomeness and destruction! Good job both of you!


[P@D] Midnight Musician – Exiled From Equestria (feat. Love Poisoned) | Progressive House / Trance

War change us, war break us, war tear us up…

Coming from Rebirth, Midnight Musician delivers an uplifting and yet emotional track about war, with vocal help from his sister, Love Poisoned. The atmospheric and ethereal synth work with the vocal vox/chops to fit the heavy atmosphere of the track, along with the simple drum patterns. The lyrics are also really emotional and philosophical with a simple and emotionless performance, a thing that I love in this type of track. Keep doing this type of tracks Mid! I also want to hear more stuff with your sister! Bom trabalho!

Download or buy Rebirth on a rebirthed bandcamp near you.


One Track Mind – End of the Show (Variations on Brilliant Venture’s Welcome to the Show) | Witch House

An ethereal and surrealistic soundscape that will take you to places. A philosophic variation of a remix of Welcome to the Show done by Brilliant Venture featuring vocal work from Wubcake. One Track Mind has been producing some really splendid and experimental works on the electronic music world. This variation proves that, shows how prolific an artist can be with their creative process. And the result is a 6 minute journey into a dark forest where cruel fantasies are created, a haunting, beautiful and yet mechanical experience. Keep up with this amazing tracks! They aren’t One, because they expand our Mind. Amazing Track!


Velvet R. Wings – Cutie-H Equestria | New Wave / Synthpop

With the instrumental produced by the amazing Andy Feelin, Velvet brings the 80’s Pop vibes with this song. The lyrics were amazing and Velvet vocals were on point. A true example of how brony music evolves! Good job Velvet! Keep up the good work!

PS: If you comment on this video and give to Velvet your postal code via private message, you will recive a postcard! The example is shown in the thumbnail of the video!


VecodeX – Poison Apple II | Bounce / Deep House has been one of the greatest sources of the experimental music side of the fandom. Names like One Track Mind, Kakofonous A. Dischord, Drixale, r_chase and many others have contributed a lot to this label! But now is time for another artist to shine, yeah! I’m talking about VecodeX! This artist have been creating some really experimental house/bounce tracks! And this track shows how experimental is gets! Mixing two genres that normally are the opposite of each other, the groove and chillness of the Deep House mixed with the wildness and wubbyness of Bounce (a subgenre of Electro House). The wubs were on point and the synth work is also amazing! Really a treat! Listen to this on a high volume and start dancing. Good job VecodeX! Hope we can listen more things from you!


[P@D] Seapony Olympic Committee – Underwater Basket Weaving Bowl | Synthwave / Synthpop

Coming from Rebirth, Francis Vace and PegasYs join to make an amazing track for the pleasure of our ears! A Synthwave track with Synthpop influences that left me speechless! The instrumental with that smooth synths and with the funny high-snare made my day! Also the robotic vocals of PegasYs were on point! Even if I couldn’t understand the meaning of the song, this will surely take you to places that you never walked through! Maybe to the depths of a lake or an ocean! Normally Synthwave makes your imagination flourish! So listen to it!

Ah! Don’t forget to download Rebirth at Ponies At Dawn’s bandcamp and if you are rich buy the album for support amazing artists! What you are waiting for? What can go wrong? It’s not like that the world will end if you click on the download button!


[P@D] ThatMusicBrony – Let Me Love You | Electropop

One of the best tracks coming from the recent P@D album Rebirth, ThatMusicBrony delight us with some twenty one pilots kinda feeling track with some really cute and romantic lyrics! The instrumental is simply divine, a true treat with amazing synth work and the drums are really well performed. Meanwhile we have the amazing vocals, with TMB’s amazing voice singing his well-written lyrics! Really a treat for Electropop fans, if you are into twenty one pilots, I really suggest give this a listens!

Download Rebirth on bandcamp (you know, that promotional paragraph that I shouldn’t do but I do anyways because the album was awesome and you should grab it) and if you are rich buy it to support the amazing artists!