Sable Symphony – Forever | Melodic Metalcore

A headbanging and melodic track coming from the awesome Sable Symphony! The track about Twilight’s immortality and the loss of her best friends comes with deep and emotional lyrics, well performed vocals such in the harsh and clean way (Sable does really the 2 pretty well), and the melodic guitar riffs and solos are really amazing and wake you up. This track is really my banger right now, I really needed a New School Melodic Metalcore track with that amazing breakdowns and low-pitched harsh vocals mixed with high-pitched harsh vocals! Kinda reminds me of Metal Core Pony! Sable Symphony, you did an awesome track! Keep doing an awesome work! Stay brutal!


[P@D] SeyN AQ – Motions of Time (feat. Flittzy) | Progressive House

Amazing and danceable track full of emotions bring to life by SeyN AQ and with vocal abilities performed by Flittzy!

Featured on Anthology, this track has a lot of pretty awesome vocal chopping work! The mix between Flittzy vocals and the vocals chops is perfect and the drops are my favorite part! Really catchy and awesome song for the Autumn! Get your hooves ready, because it’s time to party and dance through all night!

Download or buy Anthology on an anthological bandcamp near you! The tunes are waiting!


ertrii – The Reason | Chill House

An amazing and minimal track composed by the awesome ertrii! Really chill and deep vibes coming from this sweet and charming track! Inspired the by kind Fluttershy, ertrii did an uplifting yet minimal and chill track, listen to it while you study or while drawing your favorite horses! What ertrii did here was a sweet surprise for all of us, listen to it and dance through all night!


Ponytronic – Times Like These (Lorris Remix) | Synthwave

Oh My God! The feels! The feels! Lorris bring the feels with this emotional and retro Synthwave remix from one of my favorite tracks produced by Ponytronic!

I’ve always loved Lorris’ Synthwave producing, it’s emotional, plus it’s really danceable and sometimes even uplifting, but this time, the remix bring the tears to the eyes, because of the sampling of the dialogue between Octavia and Vinyl that it’s really well done! It’s an amazing song, it’s an amazing remix, amazing artists, amazing fandom, amazing everything! I’ll always love you!!!

And with Times Like These (ah, pun alert), a really emotional Synthwave track is the right way to express the feelings and dance while the world it’s watching us.


Daniel Ingram vs Silva Hound – Becoming Popular (Vylet Pony & Syzygy Edit) | Riddim

First debuted at Bronycon 2017, Vylet Pony with help of Syzy, makes a pretty good edit of an old mashup done by Silva Hound, where Silva mixed Levels by Avicii with the amazing Becoming Popular sung by Rarity! The edit is pretty nice and the wubs are really well performed, the vocal preparation and sampling is also on point. I really liked what Vylet and Syzy did here, a hell of track for end this amazing weekend and for the rest of this amazing week!


[P@D] PrinceWhateverer – Reparation (feat. Sable Symphony) | Melodic Metalcore / Trancecore

PrinceWhateverer on Ponies At Dawn’s Anthology?! What a nice surprise! And with help from the talented Sable Symphony, both deliver a smashing and incredible track!

Trancecore and Metalcore elements mixed in a potion of clean and harsh vocals with chaotic and schizophrenic guitar riffs and electronics chords make this song one of the best from Anthology! It reminds me of chords from Constellations, another amazing track done by Whateverer. Reparation is an amazing headbanger for your weekend. Keep it up the awesome work, both of you, AJ and Sable!

Download or buy Anthology on bandcamp (seriously, just download it, I’m out of puns and creative ideas for this last paragraph, it’s too much P@D!!!!)


[P@D] John Kenza – Wonderbolt | Future Trap

John Kenza is an amazing producer in our fandom and his 2 features in Anthology plus 2 entrances in the oldies goldies part! I think that we’re talking about a great producer!

Wonderbolt, nice vocal sampling and chops, nice drumming work, nice synth and bass. The drops are the most exciting and emotional part, I love them soo much! John Kenza delivered a bunch of happy feelings, this one is for blast at your school party with your friends!

Like I said, if you are rich buy the CD, but the digital version, BUY BUY BUY, but if you are poor like me you can download the digital version or listen to the fresh horse tunes on Spotify! Yes, a new featured on music apps for you with your little telephony thing play the hottest horse tunes right now! Have fun!


sound bandit – old tales | Chillout

Amazing vocal chops, low-pitched vocals and with slow and uplifting beats, sound bandit did an amazing and emotional tribute to the show and to SoGreatAndPowerful (I can hear the SGAP-inspired vocals and vocal samples on this song). It gave me chills down my spine, sound bandit is amazing at sample manipulation and I love artists that can do that perfectly! sound bandit did an awesome job on this, good job!


[P@D] The Wasteland Wailers – Zebratown (feat. Haymaker) | Latin

Anthology brought us some amazing tracks from amazing artists and The Wasteland Wailers are on it! Haymaker’s vocals are really amazing and the lyrics really fit with the theme and the exotic instrumental! It reminds of old-school Rhythm & Blues songs with amazing guitar riffs and slow tempo beats and powerful vocal performances! The Wasteland Wailers always bring such rare genres to the fandom such as Vocal Jazz, Acoustic Blues, Blues Rock and even Contemporary Folk! All in sake of the Fallout: Equestria world! One of the most amazing and creative fanfictions!

Download Anthology on bandcamp my friends!