[P@D] MEQA – Timberwolves | Drum & Bass

The unique sounds coming from this banger of Enigma by MEQA makes this track a great experimental drum n bass song. With experimentation what ranges from the use of minimal drums, the use of weird and cool synths, and the addition of amazing vocals that make this a 6 minutes track an intersting and cool listen!
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Elias Frost – Shadows | Orchestral / Soundtrack

A mix of spooky and epic, Elias Frost bring us Nightmare Moon theme, mixing modern classical music elements with orchestral ones. The instrumentalization is amazing as always and the bells are soo cold and creepy that put me shivers on my skin. A true song that represent the terror and epic behind Nightmare Moon!


Phoxi – everfree coven | Experimental Trap

Editor’s note: idfk how to label phoxi’s music, it’s like trap but halftime…quartertime?

Damn this was SPOOPY, Phoxi delivers an amazing audio design in this track, with the drums really well made, the wubs are really distorted and the whispers CELESTIA! The whispers!!!!!! It was an amazing experience, and SPOOPY, incredible, incredible! I love it!!!! Phoxi always delivers really cool songs!!

Aside – More Music For the Headless Horse | Compilation Album | Experimental

The sequel to the highly experimental Music for the Headless Horse. More Music for the Headless Horse comes as an amazing show of spooky/funny/experimental songs with the habitual faces of like Kakofonous A. Dischord (the owner), Shuffle Horse (formerlly known as VecodeX), Drixaleflankƨy, CloudbeatSampleMousse and yours truly (yes me). But we also have new faces like Cynifree, RezKue!, Dynamite Grizzly, DEFORMED STUUFYSH, DAϟH & Ponut Pulse and Lois Cook! All of this album is amazing and you should check out! Artwork done by the amazing Cosmic Latte (aka PhonicBoom).


[P@D] UndreamedPanic & Doodled – Style | Trap Rap / Hardcore Hip-Hop

Enigma  was full of incredible Hip Hop, but Style performed by a hyped Doodle with a beat done by UndreamedPanic, it’s certanily the best track on the album! The hook is soo catchy, the fast flows are amazing, the autotune usage is funny and good, sometimes it gives me Pink Guy vibes (REEEEEEE). Damn, this lyrics also some were savage, some were just puns that were soo amazing!
Download or buy Enigma on P@D bandcamp.



[VALENTINE’S BRAINDANCE] Nevermourn – Mid-sky Fling | Minimal Techno

Coming from‘s compilation for Valentine’s Day: VALENTINE’S BRAINDANCE that features some of the most crazy Breakcore/IDM/Techno from the fandom. Nevermourn bring us an amazing and atmospheric techno track. The synth usage is amazing and the drums are groovy! A minimal dance track for your night!
Download or buy VALENTINE’S BRAINDANCE on’s bandcamp.


[P@D] 4EverfreeBrony – My Favorite Mystery | Indie Pop / Power Pop

Rock in Enigma had bring us amazing features and memorable songs! The opening track done by one of the greatest brony musicians of this recent years of the fandom, 4EverfreeBrony, it’s an amazing indie pop anthem with power pop influences. The mix between the acoustic with the electronic is a harmony of colours, the chorus is soo powerfull and the interesting bridge is soo on top! All the instrumentalization is simply divine and the vocals are as always perfect, singing some sweet and nice lyrics about our favorite Pink Pony 😉
Download Enigma on a Bandcamp near you!