[P@D] DJT & NeverLastStanding – Citadel / DerpyCrash & Hay Tea – Goodbye | Drum & Bass

DJT joins with NeverLastStading, in a Drum & Bass track that it’s pretty amazing! Great drop and synths, the samples used are pretty good. A banger from the depths of the latest Ponies At Dawn album: Guardians! The bell melody at the middle of the song is really astounding! A masterpiece of composition quality and great imagination!

From some really kickass and chill Liquid Drum & Bass, Hay Tea; a figure that has been in every Ponies At Dawn album since Celestial Planes, joins with DerpyCrash for making this great track! The melody, the vocals, the awesome bass design and the soft synths made this song also a great tune from the depths of Guardians. The sombre and atmospheric look that this track gives is really noticed and gave me chills. The smooth and minimal drums that feature almost every track done by Hay Tea are also the kings of the track along with the vocals!

Don’t forget to buy or download the full Ponies At Dawn album: Guardians!

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