The Wonderbolts – Love and Tolerance is Dead | Classic Rock

My favorite pony band The Wonderbolts are going to perform at BronyCon and along these awesome news they’re treating us with an exclusive song proudly wearing a much Punk Rock title, Love and Tolerance is Dead! You can always count on Wootmaster, Arin, and the rest of the band to deliver the most delightful pony spirit in a tasteful rock fashion by making the amps scream and the guitars gently weep, and this one is no exception! Wootmaster’s lovely vocals are evolving from his signature style to a much more Classic Rock approach through the progression of the song and that is definitely an amazing surprise, with Classic Rock passion from the musician and singer shining through the masterful and nostalgic vocals that definitely make for a lot of emotion. Along catchy riffs and crazy drum work, the song lays out such a sweet and delectable vibe full of the power of rock music, and then it is time for the solo part to blow us away in a swirl of emotion, as lead guitar, rythm guitar, and bass guitar all complete each other for a stunning result. As the icing on the cake, the “Let’s Go!” sample from the Discovery Family MLP teasers is also present!! Truly a wonderful moment of merriment, musical appreciation and pony feelings courtesy of The Wonderbolts.


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