Pinkamena Party – INCOHESIVE HORSE ADHESIVE | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

hmh not for kids

It’s Pinkamena Party, you know the drill. It’s after the break for all you kids who don’t care about the rules…

Hey kids! Do you like to be scared? Do you like hardcore music? Well if you said yes to the two questions, you’ve came to the right place! Because The Pinkamena Party Crew just released their 5th chapter of crazy and hardcore music! Always looking forward to new artists, alias and crazy sounds, the team of Pinkamena Party this time wanted musicians to mix “unmixable” genres like speedcore with folk or industrial with polka, etc.

Pinkamena Party is the pioneer and the pinnacle of the brony experimental and extreme music scene. Even if you’re not into this stuff, bear in mind all proceeds will go to CLIC Sargent, a charity that helps children with cancer. If you are into that things, BUY THE ALBUM, what you are waiting for?! (And if you haven’t got any money to buy the album, you can download it for free).


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