[P@D] DJT & ThatMusicBrony – Saviour / NeverLastStanding – Helios | Glitch Hop

The opening song for an album carries an immense responsibility, like the first sentence of a book: it has to hook the listener in and convince them to keep listening.

At this, Saviour excels. Right off the bat, DJT’s joyous melodies and wubs set the mood. ThatMusicBrony provides some truly amazing vocals. The lyris are waterlogged with emotions, and the effects (reverb and delay) on the vocals are unbelievable. All throughout, the sound design shines through brightly. What a way to kick off P@D!

And here’s some more traditional glitch hop from NeverLastStanding! With oldschool vocal chopping, complex sound, and a banging beat, this is an instant classic. It’s such a danceable tune, the kind that you hear and think “This is rave music right here.” But then, around 3:50, the song takes a sudden, unexpected, and delicious turn with very touching melodies. A total masterpiece all around!


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