Ponytronic – Timeleaper | Drumstep

Ponytronic’s newest release is a wubbly, haunting composition of absolute force. It’s packed with bass and lovely cutoff effects. An assortment of DnB-like sounds kick in about halfway, while the broad, windy ones persist throughout. At every part, I’m struck by the vastness of the sound; it really does sound like a science fiction track.


Notion – A New Pair of Wings (feat. Vylet Pony) (Metapony Remix) | Electro House

I fell in love with Metapony’s absolutely fantastic remix of Notion’s already awesome track in the first five seconds. It starts off packing energy, joy, and vibrance. But then the lyrics kick in about Starlight (who’s still best pony) and her new ascension to alicornhood. And that’s when the song switches from “awesome” to “absolutely fantastic”!


Daniel Ingram – You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song (Royalpony Remix) | Hardstyle

Royalpony’s latest release shows us once again that any song can become hardstyle with some imagination! You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song was probably my favorite song from season 7. Royalpony puts a wonderful hardstyle spin on it, making it very danceable – something I never thought I’d say about You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song.