Lukas Vokrinek – Desperate Escape | Epic Orchestral

Before today I’d never heard of Lukas Vokrinek. But after listening to this song, I wish I had. It’s amazingly inspirational epic orchestral, themed around Twilight fleeing her attackers. You can feel the danger and fear flowing through each note.


AJ Young – Witchcraft & Wubbery | Dubstep

AJ Young has a new EP out, which you can find here. This is the title track, which is deliciously wubbly. The vocals are so chopped as to become another part of the instrumentation, and it sounds nice and spooky. Fitting, as we’re almost upon Nightmare Night!


Lorris – Hyperdrive | Album | Electronic

Lorris’s new album is jam-packed with delightful wubbly goodness. Dubstep, drumstep, trap, and more are all represented here, with an overarching cybernetic theme. Every song is amazing, and there’s enough variation to keep you engaged throughout the album. Songs like Dropshot are guttural and bassy, while Particles Storm is crisp and dark. It’s pay what you want, so go give it a listen!


PrinceWhateverer – Better Tomorrow (feat. IMShadow007, Sable Symphony, Amethyst Shade, Metal Core Pony, Silent Echo & 4EverfreeBrony) | Metal

Heavily inspired by Argodaemon‘s animations, and this one in particular, this song by PrinceWhateverer is about Twilight. Centuries in the future, when she’s outlived all her friends, what is there left for her to do? Brimming with emotion, this is a truly wonderful piece of music.


JoinedTheHerd – Memory Lane | House

I’ve been in the fandom a long time–almost six years now. It’s been an amazing, wild ride. And JoinedTheHerd’s newest song is like being hit with all six years at once. Every sample has a story to it–Snowdrop, cleaning with wubs, crush kill destroy swag, set phasers to hug, and of course the clips from the show itself. Memory Lane really reminds me of all the fun times we’ve had as a fandom. What an amazing, heartwarming piece!