[ASoS] SkyAudioPony – Rainstorm | Complextro

SkyAudioPony blends pads and very sweet plucks to wonderful effect. Introspective, a little sad, and hopeful all at once, it’s a superb song. Much like a rainy day, it invites you to consider many things that you hadn’t been before. Fluttershy watches the clouds drift by, as a ray of light shines down and makes a rainbow.

The song is available as part of A State of Sugar’s compilation album Lollipop.


[LDB] Mantlegen – Clear Out | Electro House

Mantlegen tries out some electro house in this awesome track. It’s upbeat, energetic, and a little tropical too. The Pinkie samples are perfect, and those plucks are just divine. Mantlegen is always a pleasure to listen to, and I definitely hope to hear more electro house from him in the future!

You can get this track as part of Mantlegen’s new I Wanna Be EP that just dropped, or alternatively as part of the recent Lycan Dese Beats Beats Me 3 compilation album!