[P@D] Einarx – Blackout | Melodic Dubstep

Einarx’s song Blackout is a wubbly, heavy, delectable composition. With Twilight’s vocals from BBBFF, it is an absolute delight to listen to. And the melodic tones throughout go wonderfully with Einarx’s classic sounds.


[P@D] Suskii – Mischievous Deed | Electro

My good friend Suskii composed this wonderful song about Chrysalis’s creation of the Mean Six, and it is an absolute delight to listen to. Her voice lines are sprinkled in between wubs, zrils, and screes, and the resulting song is a very special Suskii experience: essentially, a scene from an episode to amazing music! Melodically, too, this song is just overflowing with emotion.
You can buy or download it at this link.


[P@D] Silva Hound – Glimmer Time (R3CTIFIER Remix) | Dubstep

R3CTIFIER has put together a remix of Silva Hound’s song about my favorite pony, Starlight Glimmer! Her lines from Our Town are wonderfully pitch-shifted and set along a comfortably energetic beat. R3CTIFIER’s classic drops feature prominently too, and throughout it all we hear Starlight’s commanding voice!
You can get the song on the new Ponies at Dawn here.


[P@D] John Kenza – Life Box | Melodic House/Trance

John Kenza’s new song Life Box is full of his trademark melodies and sounds. The gentle tunes fill me with serene joy. Listening to this song makes me think of Rainbow Dash soaring through the clouds, free as can be.

Download or buy Skyward on P@D bandcamp.


Lukas Vokrinek – Desperate Escape | Epic Orchestral

Before today I’d never heard of Lukas Vokrinek. But after listening to this song, I wish I had. It’s amazingly inspirational epic orchestral, themed around Twilight fleeing her attackers. You can feel the danger and fear flowing through each note.


AJ Young – Witchcraft & Wubbery | Dubstep

AJ Young has a new EP out, which you can find here. This is the title track, which is deliciously wubbly. The vocals are so chopped as to become another part of the instrumentation, and it sounds nice and spooky. Fitting, as we’re almost upon Nightmare Night!


[PVCF] Royalpony – So Much More to Me | Happy Hardcore

Royalpony’s new song is part of an album of old and new tunes. It’s wonderfully uplifting and cheerful, with some delightful vocal chops sprinkled in for flavor. If you’re looking for a dose of energy and joy, look no further than this great song!
This track is available as part of Ponyville Ciderfest‘s Official Convention Album.


Lorris – Hyperdrive | Album | Electronic

Lorris’s new album is jam-packed with delightful wubbly goodness. Dubstep, drumstep, trap, and more are all represented here, with an overarching cybernetic theme. Every song is amazing, and there’s enough variation to keep you engaged throughout the album. Songs like Dropshot are guttural and bassy, while Particles Storm is crisp and dark. It’s pay what you want, so go give it a listen!


bank pain – Ironsight Carousel (Intersekt Remix) | Electro House

Our very own Intersekt has this new track up! It’s a remix of bank pain’s Ironsight Carousel, if you missed that in the title. From soaring synths to guttural bass, this one’s an absolute delight to listen to. He even has a free .wav download up!


Lianella Stilson – When I save you… (Lily Stilson Remix) | Uplifting Trance

Some more trance from Lily Stilson! Uplifting, melodic, and powerful, this is a truly glorious composition. It invokes images of Twilight soaring through the glorious evening sky, her wings ablaze with the aurora far above. Listening to this will sweep you away to that vista of magic.