[P@D] Suskii – Mischievous Deed | Electro

My good friend Suskii composed this wonderful song about Chrysalis’s creation of the Mean Six, and it is an absolute delight to listen to. Her voice lines are sprinkled in between wubs, zrils, and screes, and the resulting song is a very special Suskii experience: essentially, a scene from an episode to amazing music! Melodically, too, this song is just overflowing with emotion.
You can buy or download it at this link.


[P@D] Silva Hound – Glimmer Time (R3CTIFIER Remix) | Dubstep

R3CTIFIER has put together a remix of Silva Hound’s song about my favorite pony, Starlight Glimmer! Her lines from Our Town are wonderfully pitch-shifted and set along a comfortably energetic beat. R3CTIFIER’s classic drops feature prominently too, and throughout it all we hear Starlight’s commanding voice!
You can get the song on the new Ponies at Dawn here.


Lorris – Hyperdrive | Album | Electronic

Lorris’s new album is jam-packed with delightful wubbly goodness. Dubstep, drumstep, trap, and more are all represented here, with an overarching cybernetic theme. Every song is amazing, and there’s enough variation to keep you engaged throughout the album. Songs like Dropshot are guttural and bassy, while Particles Storm is crisp and dark. It’s pay what you want, so go give it a listen!