PrinceWhateverer – Resilience (feat. Sable Symphony & MantaTsubasa) | Metalcore


That’s right fillies and gentlecolts, it’s Starlight vs Twilight!

Sweet Celestia, this is amazing! PrinceWhateverer brings us a rock song overloaded with the absolute highest level of hype. Themed around Starlight and Twilight’s climactic battle in the Season 5 finale, this is an instant classic. I truly cannot remember the last time a song got me this excited and hyped. The “pony” part of “pony music” is here in force as well. This is truly a 2012 song with 2017 production.

Why are you still reading this? The song is up there, it’s awesome, and it’s about best pony. Go go go!


BlueBrony – Ultraviolet | Progressive House

BlueBrony’s lovely progressive track alternates between soft and gritty, switching effortlessly to compliment the mood. All throughout, the song maintains a consistent theme, calling back to previous sounds and offering hints of what’s to come. The dual nature of the song mirrors Celestia and Daybreaker’s dynamic, with both sides getting their turn to shine.


Royalpony – FUN FUN FUN!!! | Hardstyle

That’s right, it’s another track by hardstyle savant Royalpony! The aptly titled “FUN FUN FUN!!!” delivers all his trademarks. This high-BPM song bubbling with energy has the feel of an older hardstyle track, and longtime fans of Royalpony are sure to feel nostalgic. And, of course, Pinkie’s vocals bring in that special spark that turns the dance-ability up to 11. All in all, a true banger for the dance floor.


TCB – Untitled | Electronic

This unfortunately scrapped track by TCB bridges so many genres I don’t even know them all – future bass, D&B, instrumental, and more. It opens with a soft piano solo, and progresses into warm leads. Spliced elegantly amongst these leads are vocal chops of the Dazzlings. After the drop, an interesting mix of vocals, wubs, and gritty drums merge. The song finishes as it began, with beautiful piano work.


Throwback Thursday | ShadyVox – Pony Rock Anthem (feat. Nowacking & BreeFaithVA) | Electro House

Editor’s note: hey look remember TBTs haha we didn’t for a long time

If there’s a single song that truly captures the zeitgeist of 2012, this might well be it. ShadyVox‘s lead vocals as Neon Lights are excellent, Nowacking does a flawless Vinyl as usual, and BreeFaithVA‘s at home as Pinkie. The pumping beat, soaring leads, and ecstatic vocals all combine to form a perfect hype-up tune. If you’ve heard this before, you’re in for some serious nostalgia. And if you haven’t, you’re in for a wonderful surprise.


AnNy Tr3e – Sun Guardian | House

Opening with warm melodies interspersed with glitchy wubs, and progressing into a beautiful and very energetic beat, AnNy Tr3e is sure to get your tails bouncing and your hooves pounding! Moving into the breakdown, those glitchy wubs make a comeback, accompanied with vocal chops. All throughout, the song stays uplifting and danceable. We all know Fluttershy would like to be a tree, and if this is the kind of music they make, I have to agree with her!


[P@D] Einarx – Guardian VIP | Dubstep

What a privilege it is to get to write a review of something Einarx made! I’ve been a fan of him for over a year, since his absolutely fantastic EP “Descended” came out. This VIP is a superbly produced New Fluttershy-themed piece with screeching crashes, machine-like effects, and insane wubs, interspersed with softer melodic bits. All throughout, Einarx’s trademark vocal chopping shines brilliantly. Another top-quality track from the South Korean master of dubstep!


Night Blaze – It Was Thousands Years Ago | Orchestral

This beautiful orchestral piece by Russian composer Night Blaze calls to mind the events of ancient Equestria. It opens with gentle strings, and progresses into darker strings, pianos, and brass. The sheer emotion of this song throughout is breathtaking. But nowhere is it more breathtaking than at its climax. I heard the arrival of the twin sisters, their war against Sombra, their time in the Castle of the Two Sisters, and finally Luna’s banishment to the moon. Truly a majestic composition.