Wootmaster – Futa (TCB Remix) | Hybrid Trap

TCB (aka TheClosetBrony) is a musician that got my sleepy and slothy attention because of the experimentation that TCB creates in the songs. Basically I would call an Avant-Garde Brostep act! So I anticipated to see TCB in the highest mode in terms of quality and in experimentation and oh boy, I was right.

Remixing one of the most comic and lewd songs of Wootmaster isn’t a easy job, I think that this song deserves some kind of “King” treatment because it is really one of the best hip hop tracks that the brony fandom gave birth. And TCB treated Futa like a King, why? TCB recreated the song to his image, imagining a world of pure experimentation on the drops and on the beats. Also, TCB had the time to put an art of each artist that Wootmaster pretends to be (Atryl, BlackJRXIII, Kevinsano and Megasweet), bravo TCB!

Listen to the song, TCB says sorry on the youtube description, but TCB, you don’t need to feel bad. You made one of the best Wootmaster’s remixes I’ve ever heard along with the Reggatóns of Drixale!

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