[P@D] Luna Ticks – Empathy Is For The Common Folk | Skate Punk / Pop Punk

Coming from the latest Ponies At Dawn album: Guardians, the supergroup consisted by the multi-instrumentalist Quicksilver and the iconic vocalist Francis Vace made a 2 minutes pop punk with skate punk feel track inspired by Rainbow Dash.

The mastering made on the track is amazing, also here we can see the lyrical capacity of Francis Vace and that his vocals are very iconic in this fandom. Quicksilver composition for the instrumental is also on point, the guitar riffs and the bassline plus the awesome drums are very well performed. This track reminds me of Skate Punk/Pop Punk/Melodic Hardcore acts like Sum 41, Pennywise, Bad Religion, Green Day and The Offspring.

Damn son, why you didn’t download Guardians yet? Make that now (Or if you are rich, buy it).

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