Quicksilver – Too Far Gone For Far Too Long EP | Pop Punk

Quicksilver releases an amazing EP with a lot of awesome tracks with a lot of Pop/Skate/Emo Punk influences. This EP is really short, so I guess that I’ll do a track by track review. Catch it after the break!

Malefactor is a great starter track, that guitar riffs are really well performed, along with the drums. The lyrics of the song are really good and the vocals that performs them are also good! Reminds me of Blink-182 or The Offspring.

Remember has classic punk drumming at the beginning, reminding me of Jimmy Eat World! And the instrumental on the chorus is really awesome. You should really listen to this song also, nothing to say on the vocal/instrumentation performance, both were amazing.

Set Sail already has its own solo post, but let me resume what I said: it’s a song full of energy and some guitar riffs give to the song an atmospheric feeling.

Heartbreak (Tsundere) has more of a Green Day feeling that the others track, with that drum and guitar relation similar to When I Come Around, then the main guitar riff comes and makes this incredible! The vocals and bass also have a Green Day feel to them, and it works as a great slowwe pop punk track! Also this lyrics are really funny, and then the chorus changed the Green Day feeling for a modern pop punk/emo-pop track feeling. Reminds me of old-school Fall Out Boy or Blink-182.

Moonlight according to Quicksilver, was going to be a Luna Ticks track, but was scrapped due to its difference in style from those songs. And Quicksilver is right, this Melodic Metalcore instrumental is way-different from everything we listened here in this EP. This also reminds me of bands like Periphery and TesseracT.

Concluding, this EP is really awesome and kickass. Pop Punk and Djent for people that want to reconnect with their 2000’s self! Buy it on Bandcamp (Quicksilver gives you a Google Docs link, if you don’t have money to buy it) or listen to the full thing on Youtube.


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