[HMC] Nevermourn – Azure | Future Garage

Melodic and emotional Flutterchops are back in full force with Nevermourn’s amazing tune from the new Horse Music Central Volume 4 compilation album! Going for a trippy, enthralling, enchanting Future Garage instrumental, it delivers the power of pony passion as the mighty Flutterchops are making pony feelings and memories surface. The incredible sound design that this track displays is also contributing to make it the absolute masterpiece that it is!
Also find below an additional review from resident writer JustAnotherPonyGuy!

Start of JustAnotherPonyGuy’s writeup
Nevermourn tries out a most peculiar and intriguing blend of genres in Azure, his submission to HMC volume 4! I really adore the Fluttershy vocals, from So Many Wonders. Nevermourn puts some wonderful pitch-shifting on them in a very novel composition.
End of JustAnotherPonyGuy’s writeup


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