iblank2apples – Flutterwander | Synthwave / Future

A Fluttershy song! A really chilling and amazing song brought by iblank2apples!
The synth work is amazing, along with the leads and drops creations! The vocal chops used from the classic song sung by Fluttershy – So Many Wonders – are really amazing! This song is really sweet and adorable! I’m really thinking seeing a video in A State of Sugar with this song! Also the cover art, I love it! Sooooo cute!

Additional review from Makenshi:
Start of Makenshi’s writeup
Expanding in new musical directions, iblank2apples presents us another treat from his recent streak (and it sounds like it’s not over yet!), delivering gorgeous sounds and melodies, a mellow and Synthwave-y mood, and Fluttersamples from So Many Wonders that can definitely shape into any kind of use! Empowered by the might effect of that powerful artwork by Ashura924, this release delights as much as a sugary Fluttercocktail!
End of Makenshi’s writeup


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