Soren Ember – Dust (feat. Protocat) | Soft Rock / Piano Rock

The pony rock / metal songs promotion channel, Rock Farm, releases their first exclusive! A really soft and chill rock track performed by Soren Ember with a piano arrangement done by Protocat!

This collaboration is one of that unexpected and still amazing unions! Because we know Soren Ember (formally OBSCURA) by his amazing classic & soft rock tracks that remind us of the good old days and Protocat is known for his amazing chill Drum N Bass and amazing vocal chops! And oh boy, this collaboration worked! I really loved the piano performance, it was really amazing! Soren’s vocals are really cool and I love his vocals, I really appreciate the classic rock approach on the vocals that Soren uses for take us in a time travel, this time Soren brought me to the 90’s UK, where the Piano Alternative Rock was the main genre aka Britpop where bands such The Verve, Oasis, Blur, Suede, Pulp and Maniac Street Preacher were the most popular! The acoustic guitar riffs performed by Soren are also amazing, the guitar is one of the most important elements in a Soren Ember track, and I really appreciate this guitar riffs! The thing I really loved on this song is how all parts flow together and create a beautiful and amazing harmony! A piece that Rock Farm probably is proud on having on their channel! The song that talks about Lighting Dust’s feeling feelings toward Rainbow Dash following the events of S03E07 “Wonderbolts Academy“. I also loved that pleasuring solo at the middle of the song! Also the visuals, Makenshi is really good at this videos!

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