[P@D] Lovestruck Brony – She’s Up To No Good | Experimental Dubstep

Start of Mordecai Mapper’s writeup
Coming from the most recent Ponies At Dawn album, Guardians. Lovestruck delivers a heavy and headbanging experiment on Lovestruck’s wubs, making them neurotic, heavy, gritty and groovy. The drum work is also on point, I really love the drums on this track! Lovestruck, being with Ponies At Dawn since Awakening, has gave birth to a lot of really experimental tracks, I must say, that Lovestruck’s style is unique and should get more love! (also that artwork)

Why you didn’t download Guardians by this time? Are you a cavepony that don’t know what is happening? Download it now! If you are a rich cavepony buy the album.
End of Mordecai Mapper’s writeup

Start of bank pain’s writeup
With his last few releases being exclusive to Ponies At Dawn, Lovestruck Brony is not a producer who drops new tracks very frequently. However, he can always be counted on to bring quality basswork & groove.

This track is no different; the last remaining song from Guardians to be released on the P@D Youtube channel, She’s Up To No Good, means business. Lovestruck delivers his signature bass textures with impressive stylistic consistency to his previous songs, while adding enough variation to keep it fresh. The drops boast a wide range of sound design, ranging from OTT growls to lazers, expertly strung together so provide superb flow. Percussive elements resembling the clopping of hooves are certainly a neat—if, perhaps, unintentionally so—addition.
End of bank pain’s writeup

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