Flyghtning – Loud Wonderbolts |Breakbeat/Dubstep

YOOOO my first post man, happy to do this for you guys. 🙂 My name is MC-Arch and you’ve probably seen me Before on this Page, but I thought it was nice to do something back for you guys for once and here I am! LETS DO THIS!

Get your headphones up and ready and blast this beat on Max Volume because THIS is some pretty good stuff if you ask me, coming from a Hiphop lover Myself. I Really love the DJ scratches that are remixed with Pinkie Pie. The drop itself and the Drums are really enjoyable. And as far as I’m concerned, I’d happily lay some bars on this awesome piece. (that is, if I could work with this guy. I’d happily do that Man. SERIOUSLY, REACH OUT TO ME BRO THIS IS DOPE!) It reminds alot of Doctor P – Flying Spaghetti Monster, but with Pinkie Pie. I say it’s perfect. 🙂 Give this guy some love man, he deserves it for his awesome work.


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