[P@D] VooDoo – Rockin’ | Bass House

“And the spirit of Music, will be Reborn.” Perfect way to reflect on this Track.
P@D Rebirth is right around the Corner and this track to me sounds like a very nice and cool way to enter that. Nice wubs, awesome party flock with a taste of bouncing around on a dope Bass House beat. Great and awesome work VooDoo! Also congrats on getting on P@D together with N.Hollow and J.Free, can’t wait to hear what it’ll sound like. (certianly amazing that’s for sure) 🙂 everybody you know what to do. ❤


Hay Tea – Ante Up | Hip-Hop

The power of HipHop. Raw, Pure, and Straight to the Point. Hay tea bringing it up once again. (Loving the title though) With this Beat entering you within the atmosphere of the Wasteland. (Mostly well known for Fallout.) The Beat, the vibe, and everything ele. masterfully done. 🙂 The speech in the beginning also really intrique me to support the Message behind this track. Even if it seems so hidden. “You devote yourself to spending every second trying to get Better. despite the fact that it’ll never be enough.” But you know what? Maybe it doesn’t have to be Enough.
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Jyc Row feat. BlackGryph0n & Michelle Creber – Flamethrone Legacy (2018 Version) | Orchestral

Jyc row, I am so PROUD of you! look at you go man, collabing with Michelle Creber and Blackgryph0n! Wooo! Although the Woodlore version stays amazing, I think Gabriel also did a marvelous job! Props to you both for a spectacular performance. Michelle Creber killing it though! If I will one day talk about the best re-masters I’ve ever heard in my life, this track will definitely be in it! The orchestra, the melody, and definitely the vibe! Through the water, the wind, and the fire, we can feel it! Marvelously done both of you. Jyc I love you bro and I’m so proud of you! ❤ Keep it all up man all of you! I’m with you all the way! Everybody, you know what to do. 😉 ❤


[P@D] Hydra – Iced Coffee | Melodic Trap

With the newest Ponies at Dawn around the Corner, we enter the movement once again with a beautiful Melodic Trap made by Hydra. I don’t understand however how this Coffee is still Iced though, at least my coffee would be all warm since this beat is fire. ^^ the vocal chops are pretty cool. The synths and beat are smooth and slick and I just really enjoy the vibe it gives off – pretty mystical and hard as well. The build-up and everything around it is awesome. Keep it up Hydra, and congrats with getting on P@D ^^

Show some love everybody ❤


Elias Frost – Acadeca (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Metal

YOOOOOO I love this ELIAS AAAAAAAAAAAAA MY HOMEY THIS IS THE SHIT RIGHT HERE MAN! ❤ LOVE IT!!! Seriously, we got nothing on your awesome cover and guitar work bro. You remind me alot of System of a Down. You collabing with Serj Tankian would be be really cool! EQG’s Nothing on us was indeed a nice song to cover and I think that its really well done! I love your guitar play btw. Its something I always love seeing return in the fandom yknow. ❤ everybody show some love man! Elias keep it up homey we love you.


Daniel Ingram – You’ll Play Your Part (loophoof Remix) | Progressive House

This remix of You’ll Play Your Part (Imo one of the most Underrated songs of the show!) is A-MA-ZING! Really, I love how the vocals go so PERFECTLY with the Melody and theme, especially with the chorus of the song! The calm moments with the piano and ambience, the synths at the jumpy moments, the mix down… EVERYTHING! It’s literally everything! everything is perfect! Loophoof, this is very well done my friend! Keep it up ^^ love for you my man ❤ exactly what you should get and deserve for this.


Tripon – Celestial Forces | Drum & Bass

Regarding facing up to certain Forces to be reckoned with, I think this Track pretty much outshines them all. I love the synthwaves in the beggining with the slowly upcoming Vibes drum vibes with the bass thrill coming through loud and clear. Its really cool. 🙂 Tripon, you did an awesome job my man! Celestia smiles upon you. We can definitly feel the force. ❤
Everybody, show some love man! ❤


Paloris – Smiles | Tropical House

Onward is back with another very cool Track! Paloris brings us Smiles! A very cool House track with Pinkie Pie as this track is ready to blow your socks off! I really like how Onward is improving regarding its visiualisation though. I mean, look at those graphics and video effects! They’re amazing! and with a Beat like that with perfect kicks, chops, and synth’s that are played perfectly. I think this is a perfect composition! Keep up the good work you guys. ❤ Love. Show it to them.


Jyc Row – Flower of the Wastelands | Orchestral

Season 6’s finale was definitly awesome. The transformation of the changelings was also a very amazing event in the Show. And I think it’s really Cool Jyc did an homage to that with this Orchestral Track. It sounds very enlightening and gracefull as it really grabs the Attention regarding the Thrill. Let friendship be once more the sentiment for a new Beggining, a New alliance, a new Bond.
Jyc this is amazing my man. Keep up the great work bro. I love writing for you. ❤ everybody you know your Job man.


Wind Wolf – Earthly Abode | Soundtrack

Now, this is something very cool and special. I really like it. 🙂 The soundtrack has a nice Acoustic sound to it with nice back-up piano’s and a little Ambience. The vibe is very peacefull and attention grabbing at the same time. Very well performed. I could easily put this track in a Legend of Zelda game and it’ll fit just perfectly. The fact that this is for a video game already though… well, I can’t wait. 🙂 Because if the OST for that is already that good… who knows what perfection will come afterwards. Marvelously done Wind Wolf. Keep up the good work! Everybody, you know what to do. ❤