TCB – Discord Trouble | Hybrid Trap

TCB back at it again with the Memery and Machinery for a Beautifull Track. Bringing in some Chaotic flavour too this time. Discord tunes are always enjoyable tunes. This one taking the cake in my honest opinion! this Remix of Odysey’s while adding in Doodled’s & Ditherers Track really brings out the energy and hype. A Classic I hope to hear next year at Ciderfest! hope to see ya’ll and TCB there! ❤


Vylet Pony – Pancake | Synthpop

Seems Vylet wasn’t the only one thinking parent horses need some Love. Its very cool to see that become in frution with Pancake. A cool song about Twilight’s Mom living The high life vibes while being self-aware of how you can come off with Disingenuous Attitudes and Such when becoming one with that Vibe. Its a great Self-Reflective Caricature wich is really coming off greatly! (Infact, after finishing this write-up imma hit-up some GTA 5 Because I love Ideological Messaging like this. Its really Reminicent regarding Rockstars message in GTA about the American Dream.) I’m really digging The Synthwaves and Electronic Instrumentals and they go along just greeeaaaaat with the Beat and Melody. I love it. uwu
Coming from the Vylet’s new Album called; Glitter, don’t miss out on this Sparkle!


[P@D] Silva Hound & Wubcake – DazzleVision | Bass House

Silva Hound back at it again with the Really cool wubs and Synth effects in his Track. This time Accompenied with the awesome voice actor WubCake Bringing in the Adagio Vibes hard and Powerfull! (Just the way I like it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) The way the Siren style is brought forward is Phenomenal and very Enlightening incase you are looking for an Awesome Vibe for Partying, The Glamour, and just not giving a horseapple about what others think of it. This is tha DazzleVision babe, come on!
Show ’em love! ❤
This track is available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma.


[P@D] John Kenza – Looking At The Stars (feat. Agatan) | Future Bass / Trap

I am still emotional from hearing this. Legit, John Kenza & Agatan bring us Looking At The Stars, a Beautiful song about Flurry Heart all grown up. Despite having faced many obstacles, still standing strong and doing what she loves. Shining brighter than ALL the stars! It’s like, watching Agatan. Me and Him have been through and we both keep growing and learning. I am so proud of him making all these steps and to see him Grow, getting the recognition he deserves. And I love him for it. Legit, I will always have your back bro! I gotchu. ❤
As for John; Thank you for letting my bro do this with you man. Legit, this is dope and you did amazing.
Everybody, show some love!
This track is available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma.


GhostXB – Sunset (feat. Angel Love, Acarcion & TheWanderingKit) | Rap / HipHop


This heavenly track produced by GhostXb truly speaks out pure intensity and invites you on a rollercoaster full of beautiful notes and emotions played wonderfully. Acarcion and Kit keeping it real with the bars they spit while Angel sings in angelic melodies and brings in a beautiful vibe that completes this track. Legit, it’s difficult not to get emotional while writing this. I feel this man, every vibe that is brought in this… I feel it. ❤ Very well done everybody! Show some love. ❤


Rarity Advocate – Looking Back | Orchestral

Man man man, this Composition really hits the right strings. Both in the Melody, and in the Feels. Seeing Princess Luna sleep to this Song Lets me know that she is having a Beautifull dream because of this. I hope that many others will discover this track and witness its Grand emotional impact. Because legit, this is Wonderfull. Very well orchestrated Rarity, you’ve done a great job!
Everybody, show some love ❤


[P@D] Radiarc – Aleph Null | Hybrid Orchestral

Radiarc performed marvelously with this very Mysterious and Tensionfull track. Legit, I adore this. The P@D squad made a very wise choice including this in the new Enigma Album. You can really sense the Purity and the Power coming out of the Melodies, the Symphonies, and their Composition as a Whole. Legit, I adore this Track. And Twilight Sparkles ultimate power, passion, conviction, and conflict is most definitly felt throughout it. Well done Radiarc, well done. ❤
Show some love everybody. ❤ The new P@D album btw can be found here;


Reverbrony & Thrasher – Beyond Purpose | Industrial / Metal

Its always lovely to get some Rougher styles of Music on HMH now and then, and therefore I think Beyond Purpose by Reverbrony & Trasher is a good addon for this. Legit, I love this Track! It really speaks forward and straight to the Point with this Melody. The switch from the Synth like vibes to the Guitars and Shredding is very, very well done and placed. I like this. 🙂 Good work!
everybody, show some love. ❤


Inkwel – From The Moon | Drum & Bass / Future Bass

Inkwel bringin’ us a track from the Alicorn EP. And a very good one too, I love the Pads and synth vibes on this track. They go very well with the Atmosphere and all around theme of the Track. The night life can be felt really well during this song and I really enjoy it. Its upbeat vibe while at the same time calming and exciting mixture is a piece well thought out and very enjoyable. Ink you’ve done well my friend. Keep it up! ❤ show some love everybody.


Axiom – Equestria Undone | Album | Electronic

With some very lovely Equestria Fallout vibes, Axiom brings us his dope album named: Equestria Undone. With each tune representing an emotion like happiness, sadness, and a longing for chasing down an adventure or achieving something herioc. It’s portrayed pretty well here if you ask me. The emotions represented and the melodies really fit together. Good job Axiom, I look forward to more EPs from you. Legit, I hear what you’re capable of man and see you become better and better. Everybody, show some love!

(But I will say this though: Xeri… I wasn’t sure what so say when I saw your name on there, but you’ve done a good job here as well. I give you props for that and genuinely hope you strive to improve/learn more and more! I know you can, best of luck to you as well man, well done!)