MrMehster & ZAER – Journey | Hardstyle

Yeah man, hell yeah! if there’s one thing I can get into, its Hardstyle! Crystal Empire records my dudes, you keep Impressing me with what you do. Coming from a country that has Hardstyle pretty close next to its Anthem (I’m from the Netherlands) MrMester & ZAER really do the genre proud. Make sure you check them out and show some Love! CERecords all the way dude!


The Brony Notion – A New Pair of Wings (feat. Vylet Pony) [Bluu Remix]| Electro House

Not gonna lie, this track is the living embodiment of why I think our fandom is so creative and awesome. I can really feel the vibes from this song. The thrill for adventure and purpose is astoundingly well replicated. Bluu did a very good job and I suggest you definitely check this track out. The energy is real, it really is.


N. Hollow – Crystal Shards | Rap / Trap

Hollow’s done a pretty good job here! Back at it again with the good stuff. I love it dude! A dope trap beat with some nice flows throughout the rap. Crystal Empire Records definitely made a very good choice by getting Hollow on board. I personally just really appreciate his style of rap, and whilst I’m honestly not that much into trap, I can appreciate it if it’s done right. Show some love to my man Hollow. This the good stuff we need nowadays!


SeyN AQ – Breakaway | Techno / House

I needed this. I really, really needed this. Perfect for a beautiful sunny day. Bass on 100% and master volume on Max. Just look out to the sky and feel the wind rush to you. This is it, the feeling, the freedom, the power. Embrace it and just Jump! SeyN did a very good job with this and if I were you, I’d take a good listen to this Track. πŸ™‚

Just let the feeling reach you and simply, Breakaway.


Sable Symphony – Do I Deserve Your Forgiveness? | Rock

Sable Symphony has given us an amazing Rock track. In complete honesty, I am pretty stunned at how good this is. I personally love guitar plays like these. Together with very hard hitting Lyrics which I myself can very appreciate. It’s good to see Diamond Tiara getting some attention for once. This song shows that Bullies have feelings too, and that Villains are just victims whose stories haven’t been told. So just like Sable, she deserves some Respect and love. And of course, Forgiveness. Because there is no love without forgiveness, and no forgiveness without love. ❀


Technickel Pony & Melody Sky – Spin It Anew | Rap / Disco

Yooooo I litteraly just woke up like 5 minutes ago while writing this, and I’m telling you; This has been a very good wake-up call. mmmmyes yES YESSS DUUUUDE! THIS is how I want to wake up you know. With good beat, some nice fire flows on them. With a style that has a very powerful grace when used correctly. (It’s like Kendrick Lamar collabed with Daft-Punk. Oooh yes dude YES!) And here, it’s used perfectly. πŸ™‚ Make sure you show some love man! They deserve it for this amazing work. Spin it Anew, and keep going!


Ponysphere – Heart Of Fire | Rock / Orchestral

For the old timers between us. Queen, Rage against the Machine, U2, All of them amazing Bands with each having their own amazing classic tunes. πŸ™‚ It seems our good friend Ponysphere also wanted to contribute to this very broad and awesome genre, and he did so with marvelous work. Heart of Fire is a track as bright as the Sun, and as loud as its Solar flares. A beautiful journey with Guitar chords played in a Classic rock fashion. Sunset shimmer’s spirit is smiling brightly by this. Keep up the good work Ponysphere. πŸ˜‰


MatΓ­as PeΓ±aloza – Flawless (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Piano

Well my dudes, today I bring you a really well performed piano cover from the show we all love. :smiley: Matias’ cover of Flawless is a great rendition of a somewhat new but already much loved song from this current season of pony. It’s definitely worth appreciating a cover like this, as I believe it’s very well done – and I love myself some good piano pieces! Give our man Matias some love, he deserves it. πŸ˜‰


Modern Bard – Journey To Cloudsdale | Epic Orchestral

Did you ever just stop where everyone else would move on, and just look at the beauty of the Sight from where you are? Maybe through the Mountains, the Beach, the Lake, Etc. Did it remind you of a Dream? Hope? an Adventure or a Thrill you are Looking for? And you want to Live up to what you’re thinking about?

Modern Bard captured that moment Perfectly with this Composition; Journey to Cloudsdale. A fine piece of Orchestral with beautiful Back-up voilins and awesome drums. The pure feeling behind this track is Absolute, and deserves to be recognised. Show some love. πŸ˜‰


loophoof – Would Stay | Electro House

My dudes, this is the Stuff right here. The stuff you NEED to hear. Another good Dance/EDM track from our man Loophoof. (dude hoof me up anytime I love you ❀ ) the Beat is Sick. The sampling and chops are very well done and it gives some very good vibes. It reminds me of alot of good times we Bronies have Shared. Bronies on their Prime Time man (we still are though lol), the Nostalgia. I’m so proud of what we achieved together. and this Track will definitly bring more to the collection of awesomeness. As said in the song; “What are you waiting for? an Invitation?” SHUT UP AND DANCE WITH ME!… wait, that was something else wasn’t it? anyway, just Dance man! Yeah, seriously, DANCE!

You got a Booty for a reason, make use of it! Bounce, Laugh, dance, Love, feel free and enjoy this awesome track! the Hangover comes later, first the Good times. πŸ˜‰