[ASOS] RoomVR – Looking For Solitude | Orchestral

Next to being an Asos release, a platform full of Awesome and Lovely people… RoomVR gave us this beautifull Orchestral song. Man the atmhosphere, the compassion and heartwarmingness in this track are astounding. absolutely Beautifull. I honestly still need to fill this thing up with more words but I honestly just can’t. I think its just too beautifull. You want to look for solitude but I can gaurantee you that after listening to this, you’ll find more. I promise you. I can feel it Room, I definitly can. keep up the good work man. ❤ Love… the thing that you deserve for this.


Filly in the Box – Then Comes Ice (Sky Runner Remix) | Drum & Bass

Man, this remix is straight up the Bomb. This remix really knows how to get this started. ^^ the techno vibes and drumstep flow is absolutely astonishing. as for the vocal chops; WOW! just, wow. I love this man! It really catches the mood and flow greatly. I think the name is kinda confusing though… How is the ice coming if this is Fire? .3. and yes, this track is fire! I definitly reccomend putting everything on 100% volume and just bouncing on and on on this! ❤ Filly this is amazing man! keep up the good work! everybody, you know what to do. ❤


Jyc Row – Timberwolves, The Forest’s Howling Spirits | Orchestral

Jyc, why do you always surprise me with your Orchestral talent? I mean, The spirit behind this track is definitly felt. I can feel the tension, and the build-up is perfect. It honestly gladdens me alot to know that people still care about Timberwolves. I would’ve honestly loved some more screentime for them. I personally think that these Beautifull and Mystical Creatures are more then just predators acting on Instinct. They have feelings, they understand emotion, and they gaurd the Forest in wich they protect their entity. I think Jyc did a perfect job on catching that and I want to say that this is Amazing! Keep up the good work my friend! Everybody, you know what to do. ❤


Rockin’Brony – Kindness (covering AcoustiMandoBrony) | Rock

Rockin’Brony brings us a cover from one of the most iconic Fluttershy songs that has ever been written. As a huge Fluttershy fan myself, this pleases me A LOT. I always enjoy covers from people, but this one really hits home in full honesty. I mean, it definitely hits the nostalgia and I once more feel the power behind this track. The reason why I’m still so proud to be a Brony and support this super happy and creative fandom is helping so many people and doing beautiful things together. Its truly magnificent. It shows that there’s nothing wrong in being proud of what you believe and that kindness is worth fighting, believing, standing up, and dying for. So regardless if you repeat it a lot or you make a lot of songs regarding that, its never wrong to stand up for kindness. So just let them talk, You and I both know that as long as they don’t deliver on what they talk, you can call bullshit. and smash the stereotype. ^^ And as someone that was heavily inspired by this track and is also proud to say he’s a huge fan of Fluttershy, I can definitely speak for her when I say she’s proud of you Rockin, I’m sure of it. 😉 Everybody, show some love man! ❤ Keep it up! one love rock! ❤

Yay! ❤


mikuma – Raindrops (feat. Namii) (Original Mix) | Future R&B

Xavi my dude! this is Dope AF! I Love it! and the lyrics are sooo true regarding this track aswell; “There’s no place I’d rather be, then Blasting this track on my Speakers and TV.” ❤ I mean, the first one that came out too was A-MA-ZING! I loved it! But this rendetion aswell pleases me and many others ALOT! The mixing in it is Superior and so gracefull. as Are Namii’s vocals! Soft and Mellow and then BOOM the beat takes over again. Very well done, props to the both of you! keep it up! ❤ everybody, you know what to do. ❤

Editor’s note: Go grab this track as part of the Pastel Dreams EP!


Vylet Pony – Every Little Thing She Does | Lofi Hip-Hop

Chill vibes on this one man, I love it. ❤ We need more starlight glimmer songs like this man. I really enjoy the Vocals on this one with the Flute thingy enforcing the Melody. The drums are dope af and I Just really dig the guitars in this man. Its amazing. The beat is indeed reminiscent to how our lovely glimglam thinks of Twilight; Every Little thing she does man, damn. I love it ❤ Joji keep up the good work my dude I love it. Everybody show some love. ❤


Sable Symphony – My Past Is Not Today (Cover) | Rock / Metal

BROOOOOO I’m seriously flipping my shit over here. This cover is AMAZING! ❤ I’m usually not into that much of Rock or Metal, but THIS is amazing! As far as I’m conserned, one of the best Covers of the Show AT THIS very moment! The Guitars are just Perfectly placed in this track, as the Vocals are very aligning and cool! Keep it up Sable! I only got love for you bro. ❤ Everybody show some love man.

Thank you for reminding us this one thing; When we face our Memories we don’t want to remember, when we face the odds and face Fear itself, We can stand tall and say it loudly. My Past is Not Today.


Mantlegen – Faith To The Harmony | Dubstep

If you still haven’t found something to bounce on today, then I’ve got you covered. 😉 Today I bring you my man Mantlegen, with Faith To The Harmony. An amazing techno track with a taste of a Dubstep flow in it! The Wubs, the Feels, the Ambient, The Mystery, its perfect! I love how well its all mixed together! With indeed Faith To The Harmony, as Faith to the Beat. Marvelously done Mantle! I got something to bounce on these coming days. 😀 I look forward to it already! Everybody show some love ❤ do it man, just do it.


Vylet Pony – Sugar Belle | Dream Pop

Love is in the air man. This track is dope. I’m seriously going to Bump this 24/7 now. Seriously dude this stuff is awesome! the vibe in this is delivered perfect with the Mellow and smooth vocals. the Beat is sick and delivers alot of Love into the Flow and Drops. I love it man, truly. This is a track you need to play when you’re on that Netflix n’ chill shit. The look will be a special one after turning this one on. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
Keep up the good work man, love. ❤


Wootmaster – Brony Rapper (Chang31ing Remix) | Trap

Wootmaster‘s Brony Rapper track is indeed a very Cool, funny, and dope Meme that many of us Apriciate and Love. That’s why I think its very Cool what Chang31ing did. The wubs are Crazy, the drops are dope. and that mixed in with Woot’s Rapping makes this Remix complete. 🙂 the vocal chops are really well done aswell! Having seen Chang31ing on BABScon2017, it was definitly awesome to see his set. You I can say it was cool to feel that vibe once again. Keep it up both of you man, Love. ❤