FruityFusion – Going for a fly | Chillout / Synthwave

Editor’s note: Today we have a motivational speech by our writer Arch…oh and a song writeup too!

Going for a fly is always a useful and wise move to make when you’re in a very stressed situation. I myself can relate to this and find this track a very nice one to transition into a peaceful mindset, but of course one with motivation and determination. The feeling of needing to go out sometimes can be intense, but sometimes also necessary. You can either let it all eat you up from the inside with all your doubts and worries taking the best out of you, or you can use that energy to make a difference and prove you CAN do it. REGARDLESS of what others say and think of you! It’s always the same routine and it might hurt at first but justice will ALWAYS have the final laugh! Because first they laugh at you, then they ignore you, then they fight you, and then you win. So go for that fly, don’t let ANTYHING stop you and simply just break the norm. Don’t do it however to prove them wrong, do it to prove yourself right. Your time is now… (So cya on P@D guys :P) As Fruity describes in his description that he needed to leave for various reasons, I welcome him back with open arms. The guy makes awesome music and deserves some love and recognition for that. So people, you know what to do. 😉 ❤


4EverfreeBrony – The Last Thing Of Which We Dreamt | Orchestral

If you’re a fan of Ori and the Blind Forest, you’re gonna love this track. Seriously, this is very cool and awesome to listen too. 🙂 I have a tremendous respect for 4Everfree because he always knows how to bring so many great elements into one track. I mean… the feels, the nostalgia, the happiness, the passion and the determination. Just like Ori, I am certain that the game that led to this track is gonna be awesome, I’m really look forward to it. I think its beautiful and I think Everfree deserves lots of love for this. 🙂 ❤


FlutterDash Records – Shed | Showtune

Aaaaah man, this song is so upbeat and spooky at the same time. I love it. ❤ It reminds me a lot of Friendship is Witchcraft! The Mary Poppins vibe is always welcome music to my ears. I like how the duet is playing out here with the very creative piano vibe and the melody. Its very spooky and cute and its mixed together very well. 🙂 I think FlutterDash Records is a really cool duo and they deserve some love for their work. 😀 You guys rock!<3


Frozen Night – Pearl White Eyes | Orchestral

Editor’s note: very mild movie spoilers if you read the description. You probably wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t said anything to be honest!

I like it! No really, I do! Frozen Night did an excellent job on this one! I think the track could really fit with the movie. The mysterious and majestic atmosphere it delivers definitely fits the idea and concept of Mount Aris. It’s very soothing and calming and intense when it needs to be! I think the vocals are majestic too! 🙂 Frozen you did a wonderful job and I hope you get the love you deserve for this. ❤


EnergyTone feat. Chaos Angel – You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song (covering Daniel Ingram) | Acoustic

Blyat, Why making me cry again? ❤ This is a Beautiful cover. The Perfect Pear was a magnificent episode and definitely one of my personal favourites. Gave my ma and pa a big loving hug after that one. Its beautiful to see that that episode is still connecting people and creating beautiful loving vibes that lead to covers and songs like these. I can feel the love ❤ From the Netherlands to our Russian brothers and sisters: Keep up the good work! Love and respect ❤ everybody show some love.


Light Assassin – Game Over | Bass House

Light Assasin brings us an awesome Nightmare Nights song! Oh man, this track gives me alot of nostalgia for playing Castlevania on my Gameboy Colour when I was younger, those were the times man. Would definitly play again if I had the chance. The wubs are good, the 8-bit sounds are wicked, and the spookywookyness just right. Although the game is over, the party would definitly get started if you played this! Light you did good friend! 🙂 Keep it up! show some love everybody. 😉 ❤


TPressleyJ – Polar Opposition VIP | Hybrid Trap

Ooooh wow! My boy TPressleyJ on Cider Party! I’m so proud of him! Seriously, check him out! This awesome guy deserves it for his Awesome work! ❤ The beat is Smooth, Lovely, soothing, and very Hyperactive! The sratches and drops are very well done and I love the Samples used Here. A Royal Problem was a very cool Episode and I love how that Episode inspired this Track. It truly seems like the Sun and Moon are coming together for this awesome song! Show some love everybody! Our guy Pressley deserves it! ❤ (And Pressley, Seriously I really Respect you Bro. keep up the amazing work ❤ )


[P@D] ExplodingPonyToast, LutariFan & ThatMusicBrony – Start Again (ThatMusicBrony VIP) | Future Bass

So today, I bring you some very cool stuff created by your very own ExplosiveHorseBakedbread, LutariFan, and ThatMusicBrony. You know, *that* MusicBrony starting again with an awesome future bass track! I love the melodies, the drops, the vocals, my goodness this stuff is great! Keep up the good work you three! Its a perfect track this one. I love it, truly. everybody show some love man, you know what to do! ❤ You definitely let the world start again! 😉


R3CTIFIER – Break the Silence | Electro

R3ctifier did an A-MA-ZING job regarding this track! I think its one of my personal favourites at this very moment. It actually feels like you’ve made a difference and you broke the norm. You spoke out for what is right even if you spoke so alone. You broke the silence, and did so with honor and courage. A hard but brave decision which made a beautiful life changing inspiration for everybody, That’s what this track feels like. An electro beat definitly worth dancing and going wild for! I love it! everybody show some love to our guy R3CT! ❤ Keep on breaking the Silence 😉