loophoof – Would Stay | Electro House

My dudes, this is the Stuff right here. The stuff you NEED to hear. Another good Dance/EDM track from our man Loophoof. (dude hoof me up anytime I love you ❤ ) the Beat is Sick. The sampling and chops are very well done and it gives some very good vibes. It reminds me of alot of good times we Bronies have Shared. Bronies on their Prime Time man (we still are though lol), the Nostalgia. I’m so proud of what we achieved together. and this Track will definitly bring more to the collection of awesomeness. As said in the song; “What are you waiting for? an Invitation?” SHUT UP AND DANCE WITH ME!… wait, that was something else wasn’t it? anyway, just Dance man! Yeah, seriously, DANCE!

You got a Booty for a reason, make use of it! Bounce, Laugh, dance, Love, feel free and enjoy this awesome track! the Hangover comes later, first the Good times. 😉


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