Segments Of Life – Cube | Trancecore / Hybrid Trap

Segments of Life is one that projects that always surprise me, because of the genres that the project brings, this case, Trancecore. Trancecore is a really rare genre on brony fandom, probably you may have hear some Melodic Metalcore with Trance influences on some PrinceWhateverer or Sable Symphony songs. But Segments of Life is a different way of using the Trancecore elements, in Segments’ songs we have more Trance elements that Melodic Metalcore ones, so that’s why I say that Trancecore is a rare genre in brony fandom.

After this introduction, let’s talk about the song, Cube has really amazing guitar riffs, look like some really Djenty or Progressive Metalcore guitar riff. The symphonic pads used are also really atmospheric and give to the song an ethereal aspect. The synths and the drums joint the song and make the song really awesome. And then that Hybrid Trap drop at the end it’s really amazing, I felt chills when I first listened to it! Really amazing mixing of genres.

This song and more other 7 are featured in Segments’ newest album, The Vivid Dream, where the main genre is Trancecore, but it’s mixed with a lot of genres. (Segments even created a track called Don’t Care About Genres.) All the 8 songs are available on youtube or you can listen to the whole thing on bandcamp.


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