D3LTA – Flying Above The Clouds | Melodic Dubstep

Inspired by the Flutterchops in Omnipony’s Clouds (which VIP happens to be my favorite pony track ever), D3LTA created a melodic masterpiece brimming with nostalgia and delivering powerful emotion. The divine beauty of the Flutterchops and what they evoke, the very emotion-inducing soft melodies fitting for Fluttershy’s character, and the progression of the track are all composing a very emotional piece conveying so much kindness, and reminiscing of so many pony feelings. Through the celestial drops, the succession of kind melodies, and Fluttershy’s moving vocals, feel the magic of music and Passion!

Also find below an additional review by my bro MC-Arch!

Start of MC-Arch’s writeup
I can tell you honestly, me and Makenshi have so much enjoyment from this Track. It brings back so many happy memories and remind us of why we love what we do. and man, Honestly, I just love the way Fluttershy sings those notes. It reminds me of the happiness and wonders in Live and each time I feel relieved / hope when I hear them. I’m so proud and Happy. Together with the very nostalgic and peacefull tune that is played here its the perfect mix.
End of MC-Arch’s writeup


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