TPressleyJ – The Dawn of Boi | Trap

Sampling a funny and memey video done by UndreamedPanic, Flittzy and GROskAr about a love story between NeverLastStanding and Ponies At (What in tarnation, this is really weird and funnie), TPressleyJ delivers a mechanical and wild Trap track with a lot of classic Trap elements such the Lex Lugers up and the hey, hey hey with big 808’s and really trippy drops! TPressleyJ surprised me with this track, finally I could dance to a meme track!? (I don’t know, TPressleyJ did really a remix of a P@D meme xD). So yes, The Dawn of Boi, good drops, good sampling work, good synths and drum work. Wild, aggressive and mechanical feelings that this track gave me. Just listen to it, first listen to the story and then listen to the remix for better understanding of context and memes. Just listen!

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