Drixale – [S07E18 SPOILERS] | Moombahton

hmh spoilers

Mild spoilers for the latest episode. Write up is available after the break

Coming from an open challenge done by My Little Musics (discord server) inspired about the 18th episode of Season 7 – Daring Done. The artist should do a track that represented hope, the moral of this episode!

And what is better why to transmit hope with the Southwest Equestria legend, Somnambula?! Drixale really did an awesome job in this one! The flute sample comes from one of the BGM’s of the episode! It reminds me of Ancient Egyptian Music, then the drop arrives and we have the massive energy of the Moombahton! The off-beat chants really fit into the exotic and danceable beat with the really awesome and catchy synths! Then the flute comes back with amazing orchestral elements and then a second drop and the dance restarts! Then at the end calm is restored, hope is re-established, Somnambula saved the day! This is a really kickass and exotic track!

Check out this track and the others two in the playlist of the My Little Musics challenge!


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