Osoch – Stealer of Magic (feat. Ponysphere & Chris Wöhrer) | Djent / Progressive Metal

I like my Metal like my tea: black and with some Meshuga! And I love this wonderful collab. So take your black teas, add the meshuga and headbang to some kickass Metal!

God damnit, did you understand the joke? Because this really has some Meshugahh vibes, and that band is the creator of Djent. The guitar riffs, the harsh vocals, the drumming and the bass line; everything mixes so well together to astronomic levels of djentness! The guitar solo performed by Wöhrer was on point. Ponysphere’s vocals are my favorite part, because I love his harsh vocals, the way that he perform them is certainly amazing and awesome. Osoch’s vocals are awesome too, I loved the harsh vocals and Osoch’s instrumentation! I love every piece of this and I’m waiting from more vocal and original tracks coming from you Osoch! (Hope you get the joke)

It’s great to see Osoch back, after his writer’s block and final exams. He needed to contact this amazing collaborators and in waiting for their parts survived 2 goddamn earthquakes and power cuts in the space of 2 weeks! Give him some of the love he deserves for pushing through everything!


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