[P@D] Crystal Slave – Vibrance | Electro House / Future Bass

Awesome vocal chops, great drumming work, 20% percent cooler and colorful and somewhat aggressive synth work and a awesome featured on the goldie oldies/fresh tunes P@D album: Anthology! Crystal Slave bring the dance and the uplifting feels to the dance floor!

A track that amazed my brain and my ears, with a “synth” solo that remembered me WoodenToaster electronic solos and then a future bass drop that I love soo much! This mixed with the amazing vocal sampling work (and I thumb up for using the amazing Dashie) with the amazing drumming work and with the amazing piano chords and you have this amazing track! Crystal Slave did an awesome job! With some really catchy vibes, I guess this is one of the best electronic tracks from Anthology! Album which I guess you should probably buy or download right now! (Do the second one if you are poor like me and u like to jam to this amazing record, ah and it’s on bandcamp okay).

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